Create a Vendor

To create a vendor, first you need to open the Vendors module in Tailwind CMS. It will look like this:

To create a new vendor, select the new icon 

 from the Horizontal toolbar. This will cause the Carrier/Vendor window to open. This action can also be carried out by:

  • Selecting the ‘Vendors’ module and hitting F2 on your keyboard.
  • Selecting the ‘Vendors’ module, selecting ‘File’, and clicking ‘New’.
  • Selecting ‘New’ from within any module and clicking ‘Vendor’.
  • Hitting Ctrl-R on your keyboard from within any module.

Any of these commands will cause the Carrier/Vendor window to appear, as in the image below:

As is the Tailwind standard, any fields written in red are required to be able to save a record.

From here, follow these steps:

  • Fill in all fields with as much detail as possible.
  • If the Dispatch Office Address and Remit To Address are the same, hit the black arrow to copy the details over. If they are different, both will need to be filled in separately. The ‘Remit To’ address must be completed before you will be able to dispatch loads for this vendor.
  • Select the Vendor ‘Type’ in the top right-hand corner.
  • In the ‘Contacts’ tab, create a list of contacts for this vendor. You can add as many contacts as you need. If you have no contacts and hit ‘Save’, you will be prompted by a screen asking if you want a default contact to be added. This will create a contact with the customer’s phone number and a name of ‘Rates Department’. Adding manual contacts is a good practice to get into.
  • Once this is done, hit ‘Save’ to save the record of this vendor.

The vendor ‘Type’ will determine which tabs will need to be filled in other than the ‘General’ tab.

When the vendor type “Carrier” is chosen, you must input their MC Number and set both Contract on File and Contract Authorities to “Yes”.

When a valid MC number has been saved, you will be able to see the Carrier Safety Rating directly from the FMSCA website by navigating to “View” and selecting “Carrier Safety Rating”, located across the top left of the vendor record.

If the Vendor is a Carrier or a Freight Broker, you will need to fill in the ‘Insurance Details’ tab, which looks like this:

Fill in the insurance details based on your vendor’s respective policy details. This will allow you to track insurance requirements.

If the vendor ‘Type’ Carrier is selected, a third tab will appear called ‘Incidents & Claims’. This tab is not required for the record to save, but is a useful way to keep track of any incidents and/or claims that arise from work carried out by this carrier. The ‘Incidents & Claims’ section looks like this:

In this example, the vendor type will be an Insurance vendor. This means only the ‘General’ tab needs to be filled in. Here is what a completed Carrier/Vendor window looks like when completed:

This vendor can now be used as an insurer within the Tailwind CMS. It will populate the Vendors module, as in the image below:

The ‘Notes’ tab located at the bottom of the Carrier/Vendor screen will allow you to create notes specific to the vendor. Anything you want to alert your dispatch department to will be enabled by clicking the dispatch button on a Note record. This note will pop up when anyone uses the vendor on a dispatch and can alert your dispatch team to anything special for this vendor. A blank ‘Note’ form is shown in the image below:

Now continue this process for all of your regular vendors to populate your vendor database.