Create a Quote

To create a quote, select the ‘Quotes’ module of Tailwind CMS. Click the new icon 

from the horizontal toolbar. A new window should open up called ‘Quote’. You can also create a new quote by doing any of the following:

  • Selecting the ‘Quotes’ module and hitting F2 on your keyboard.
  • Selecting the ‘Quotes’ module, selecting ‘File’, and clicking ‘New’.
  • Selecting ‘New’ from within any module and clicking ‘Quote’.
  • Hitting Ctrl-Q on your keyboard from within any module.

Any of these options will make the ‘Quote’ window appear, as in the image below:

From here, fill in the appropriate details of the ‘General’ tab of the quote. An example quote has been populated in the image below:

From here, move on to the ‘Revenue’ tab in the middle of the window. This is where you will enter the actual cost of shipping this freight. Here is an example of a filled-in ‘Revenue’ section:

This details that the quoted cost for this shipment is $800.00 plus 24.75% fuel surcharge ($198.00) plus tax ($49.90), giving a total of $1047.90. Click the save button and the quote is now ready to send to your customer using the “Print Quote” button. As with any of our print options, you can print to a printer, email, screen print or save it to disk.

You can now move onto the “Brokered Carrier Rates” tab. While your customer is considering the quote you can start gathering rates from your carrier.

This screen is intended to allow you to track the price your carriers give you for moving this load, allowing you to choose the best rate available. When you select ‘Add Rate’, the ‘Carrier Rate’ screen will appear, as in the image below:

Fill in the details and hit ‘Save & Close’ to return to the ‘Brokered Carrier Rates’ screen. Or hit ‘Save & Add’ to save this rate and start another. An example of the ‘Brokered Carrier Rates’ screen when populated with carrier rates appears in the image below:

Once you are satisfied with all of the details entered for your quote, hit the ‘Save’ button and then hit ‘Close’. This will take you back to the ‘Quotes’ screen. The quote you have just entered will not show up on the list of quotes immediately, you have to hit the Refresh button 

on the horizontal toolbar. Alternatively, you can hit the ‘Reset’ button, located above the red arrow in the image below:

Once this is done, your quote will appear in the ‘Quotes’ section, as in the image below:

You can print or email quotes directly to your customers by opening the quote and selecting the ‘Print’ option then selecting ‘Quote’. This can also be done quickly by opening the quote and hitting Ctrl-P on your keyboard. This will cause the ‘Print Setup’ screen to appear, as in the image below:

You can select the ‘Destination’, which will allow you to choose the distribution format you would prefer. This includes email, fax, or printing off the document and mailing it yourself. You can also hit ‘Screen (Print Preview)’ and that will allow you to preview exactly what your customer will see when you send the quote to them.

You can easily turn a quote into an actual order by simply clicking the button on the bottom of the quote record “Quote to Order” and this will create an order with all the details entered on the quote and move it to the Order Screen so it shows as available to dispatch. It will not carry over any brokered rates that you have entered. These will appear on the quote record only.

Once an order is created from a quote, you can always see the details of the quote by navigating to the “View” menu item on the order and choosing “Related Quote” and this will open the original quote record.

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