Create a Logo

Within Tailwind CMS, company logos are an important part of the customization of your Tailwind experience. Uploading a logo to Tailwind CMS will allow this logo to appear on your invoices and your other reports. To do this, first the image needs to meet certain dimensional specifications. Any image uploaded to Tailwind must have the dimensions of 400 x 100 pixels, and be stored as a Bitmap, or BMP file. Before you proceed any further, you should have an existing file containing a version of your own logo. This file can be any size and in any format, it just needs to be an image file type and contain the logo you wish to apply to Tailwind CMS. Once you have this, creating a logo that will be valid for Tailwind CMS will require a two-step process: 

  1. Creating a blank logo template as a Bitmap 
  2. Applying your existing logo to the logo template

Step 1 – Creating A Blank Logo Template

First, open Microsoft Paint. Create a new image file and then select ‘Resize’, located within the red box in the image below:

Clicking ‘Resize’ will cause a new window to appear called ‘Resize and Skew’. It is split into 2 sections called ‘Resize’ and ‘Skew’ and looks like this:

Within the ‘Resize’ section, select ‘Pixels’. That will cause the numbers within ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Vertical’ to change from 100 to their actual respective pixel count. Our dimensions are 400 x 100 pixels, in a format of Horizontal x Vertical. But before you change any of the numbers, first you have to uncheck ‘Maintain aspect ratio’. Once this has been done, you will be able to change ‘Horizontal’ to 400 and ‘Vertical’ to 100. Your ‘Resize and Askew’ window should now look like this:

Click ‘OK’, and the Paint document’s template will have changed size to match the dimensions you entered into the ‘Resize and Skew’ window. Save this blank image file as a 24-bit Bitmap image file, or .bmp file. To do this, click ‘File’ then select ‘Save As’.

Before you hit save, select a memorable location for this image file (it is always advised to use the Desktop for easy, quick access). Type in a name, such as ‘logo.bmp’. Then, select the ‘Save as type:’ drop-down menu. A list of possible file types will open up once you do this. You want to select ’24-bit Bitmap’, or .bmp. Before you hit save, your ‘Save as’ window should look like this:

Notice that it is being saved to the Desktop, the ‘File name:’ is “logo.bmp”, and the ‘Save as type:’ is “24-bit Bitmap (*.bmp;*dib)”. Once all of your details match that, hit ‘Save’.

Step 2 – Applying Your Logo to the Logo Template

Keep the file logo.bmp open. If it has closed, locate it on the Desktop, right-click it, and select ‘Edit’. This will open the blank logo template in a new Paint page. Next, locate your existing company logo image file, right-click it, and select ‘Edit’. This will open your existing logo in a new Paint page, while still keeping the blank logo tempalte open too.

Now you need to resize your logo to fit within the dimensions of the template. Select ‘Resize’ and select ‘Pixels’. Make sure that ‘Maintain aspect ratios’ remains checked. Change the Vertical dimensions to 100, as in the image below:

Changing the Vertical dimensions will cause the Horizontal dimensions to change automatically. This is because ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ remains checked. The required dimensions for a logo in Tailwind is 400 pixels x 100 pixels. Since this image is 582 x 100, then it does not fall within the required dimensions. Therefore the Horizontal dimensions need to be changed from 582 to 400. When this is done, the vertical dimensions automatically change from 100 to 68, as in the image below:

The Vertical and Horizontal dimensions now fall within the required dimensions of a logo in Tailwind. Note that the vertical dimensions are below 100. This is OK. The ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ box will ensure that your company logo will change its size while maintaining the correct proportions. If this box is unchecked and the dimensions are changed, the logo can looked warped. Maintaining the aspect ratio is an important way to avoid a skewed or warped company logo. Once your image falls within the necessary dimensions, select OK.

Now you need to move your company logo from this file and apply it to the blank logo template. To do this, first select the entire image by hitting Ctrl-A. This will highlight the image and allow you to move it elsewhere. Copy the image by hitting Ctrl-C.

Now go back to the blank logo template. Paste the company logo which you have copied into the blank logo template by hitting Ctrl-V. It will then appear in the blank logo template, as in the image below:

Notice that the image has applied at the very top and very left of the blank logo template. This can be corrected by using the arrow keys to move the image around until it is formatted to your own liking. In this example, the image is going to be formatted so that it shows up right in the middle of the blank logo template, as in the image below:

Once you are happy with the image position, save this image. Since it is a .bmp file with dimensions that fall between 400 x 100 pixels, it can now be uploaded to the Tailwind CMS.

To do this, go back to the Branch window of Tailwind CMS. Double click the logo section and it will open a window called ‘Open’. This window will allow you to find the logo image you just created in paint and upload it to the Branch.

Your logo is now uploaded to Tailwind CMS!

If you find you are having any difficulty uploading a logo to Tailwind CMS, contact our Customer Success Team for assistance at