Create a Location

Locations are the records that are kept in the system identifying all pick up and delivery locations.

Location records are integrated with the mileage application and will allow you to map the location enabling the dispatch to calculate mileage between locations on a route plan.  You must have purchased the mileage application in order for this feature to work.

Location records can have a note assigned to them and when the alert is ticked, this will trigger a pop up for whomever the alert is set for.  Perhaps you have a pick up location that requires the driver to have Personal Protection Equipment.  By putting a note on the location and setting the alert to Dispatch, every time a shipment is to be picked up at this location, the pop up will remind dispatch to tell the driver that he must have PPE

Similar to all our records, location records are searchable and again can have multiple filters enabling the quick return of data.

Location records can be set to company docks.  This will enable the dispatch to use this location on a route plan when he is “Switching” loads.

Location records can also be “Obsoleted”.   This will remove the location record from active view.  To turn a location record “off”, go to the bottom right hand corner of the location record and tick the “Obsolete” box