HOW TO: Manually Configure the Tailwind CMS 5.x Client to Communicate with the Server


Before the Tailwind CMS 5.0 client can connect to the database server, it must be configured to point to the correct server and database.

This is done by creating a new connection document through the client login screen, or editing an existing one.


To configure the Tailwind CMS client to connect to the database, you will require the following:


Create a New Server Connection

  • At the login prompt, click New

Describe the Connection

  • Describe the connection you are creating — typically with your Company Name — and click OK

Select the Database Server

  • Under Select or enter a server name select your database server from the drop-down list
    • If it does not appear in the list, it can be typed in manually

Choose the Database

  • Under Enter information to log on to the server ensure that Use a specific user name and password is selected

 NOTE:   The user name and password can be left as ‘sa’ and blank

  • Under Select the database on the server enter name of your CMS database, typically CMS_MAIN

 NOTE:   The database drop-down will not populate unless you have a valid SQL username and password indicated. If you do not, simply type the database name in manually.

  • Click OK to save the connection and return to the login screen.