Bring Back the All / All Active Filters

The All and All Active filters are useful ways to quickly filter the records in a given module so you can easily see what you need to see. To see where you can customize your filters, please go here: Filtering Modules.

However, sometimes the “All” and “All Active” filters can be deleted, either deliberately or accidentally. In the event that a filter has been deleted, we have a procedure that will allow you to bring it back into your Module. In this example, the “All” filter is going to be rebuilt in the Orders module:

  1. Open up Orders module.
  2. Select the “Modify” button next to the current filter. This button allows a filter to modified in any way.
  1. On the “Invoice Filters” window, double-click the white box under the word “DEL” for all filter criteria currently within this filter. In this example, as the “All Filter” is the one being modified, the only criteria in place is the “Order is Live” filter.
  1. Once all invoice filters have been removed, select “Save & Filter”. This will take you to the “Search Template” window.
  2. On the “Search Template” window, change the name field from the current filter to “All”. Make sure “Global Template” is checked, as this determines that all other users can use this filter.
  1. Select “Save & Close”.

This will bring the “All” filter back to the Orders module.

This procedure can be applied to bring back any filters which have been deleted. Here is a list of the criteria which make up the “All Active” default filter within each module: