Bill Posting

The Bill Posting List is where your vendor payables will sit awaiting processing.

The most common type of bills in the transportation industry are:

  1. Owner Operator Payables
  2. Outside Carrier (or Brokered loads) payables
  3. Operational Payables (Utility, Insurance, Maintenance and Repair bills, etc)

Any bill or payable that is directly attached to a dispatch on your operations side will automatically show up on the bill posting list once the dispatch is “Completed”.  They will sit here on this screen waiting for you to post the bill, thereby allowing it to become a payable.

By highlighting a trip on the left hand list, it will then show a link on the right where you can access the actual bill record:

By double clicking on the record, this will open the record for viewing. You can enter details (such as the Vendor Invoice number, Date of invoice, and Date of Receipt). You can then post this bill so that it becomes a payable in your system.

You can tick multiple bills and post all together by checking the box beside each applicable bill and then clicking “Post” in the bottom right hand corner

Please see the Document – “Tools: Incoming Invoice Wizard” for a description on how to receive vendor bills using an alternate method.

For more information on how to receive vendor bills using an alternative method, go to the ‘Incoming Invoice Wizard’ page here: Incoming Invoice Wizard.