Admin Set – Express

Tailwind Express provides you with access to carry out user password resets, as well as other functions for your active users. This tool is called the “Admin Set”, and it can be accessed in the same way as the normal program.

To access the Admin Set, first login to the website If you have logged in as a regular user, you will see an icon in the “RemoteApp and Desktops” section called “Tailwind CMS”. This is the icon you would normally use to download a remote desktop file which will allow connection to your Tailwind database. However, when you are logged in as the administrative user, you will also have access to another icon called the “Wizmo AdminSet”:

This icon works in the same way as the Tailwind CMS icon. Just click on it, and it will automatically download your connection to the administrative information contained on your users. When downloaded, you can run the file and connect up.

Connecting to the admin set is very similar to connecting to the remote desktop connection. Open up the file which is downloaded by clicking the icon. It will then ask you for your username and password. This is the same as your username and password for the website, Once you have entered these details, click “Connect” to get connected to the admin set.

A window will then open which details your company name, and all of your users. From here, you can carry out the following actions:

  1. “Change Password” – this allows you to change any user’s password at any time. This is useful if a user is unable to login and has locked their account due to reaching the incorrect password entry limit, if a user’s password has expired and needs to be reset, or if you no longer want someone to have access to one of your user accounts.
  2. “Remote Assist” – this allows you to connect up to a user’s computer to view the software at the same time.
  3. “Logoff” – this allows you to remotely log any user off of Tailwind. This is useful if someone is accessing one of your user accounts and you want to remove their access. It can also be useful if a user is attempting to login and is being told that a session is already in progress.
  4. “Send Message” – Allows you to send a message to a user which will appear on their screen when they are logged in.
  5. “User Details” – this provides information as to whether or not the user is currently logged in, the date of their last successful login, and the date of their last password change.

These tools provide the administrative user with the power to control who is accessing your data. If you have any questions as to how the admin set is used, please contact your Tailwind Support team at