Adjust Posted Records

There may be times when you need to adjust an invoice or bill that has already been posted. Within Tailwind, there is a procedure that you can follow to carry this out. While the screenshots below will show how to do this with invoices, the procedure is the same with bills.

Find the order or bill that you want to adjust and open it. Navigate to “File” and select “Adjust Invoice”.

This will reopen the record and allow changes to be made. To change the rate, navigate to the “Revenue” tab and make the adjustments needed. The system will create an invoice with an “R#” suffix. This invoice will reverse the original amount and cancel it out. The system will also create an invoice with an “A#” suffix. This invoice will act as the live invoice and represent the new adjusted amount. This will complete the audit trail.

You can view any changes made to a record by viewing the “Related Transaction”. To view this, open up the record, navigate to the “View” section and select “Related Transactions”. This will open up the “Related Transactions” window. To view if the record has a related reversal or adjustment, then switch the radial button to “Detailed” to view any reversals, adjustments, or payments related to the invoice or bill that you have open.

This procedure can be carried out with both posted invoices and posted bills.