Access Instructions for General Users

All general users, whether administrative or otherwise, should have received an email detailing the Login email and Password needed to login to Tailwind. You can access Tailwind’s SaaS login page at this address:

It is recommended that you bookmark this page for faster access in the future. You should be brought to this page:

Enter your Login Email in the ‘Login Email’ field. If this is your first login, enter the password provided to you by Tailwind. Once you hit ‘Sign in’, you will be prompted to change your password. In order to do this, your new password must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Contains one upper case letter
  • Contains one lower case letter
  • Contains one number

Once you have set a new password, you will be required to login again using your login email and your new password. After you have done this, you will be brought to the ‘RemoteApp and Desktop’ page, as in the image below:

Note that only Admin Users will have access to the Wizmo AdminSet icon pictures above. If you are a general user, this icon will not appear on your ‘RemoteApp and Desktops’ page.

In order to access Tailwind CMS, click on the TAILWIND CMS icon within the ‘RemoteApps and Desktops’ section. This will prompt a download of a Remote Desktop Protocol, or .rdp file. Once it has downloaded, click the file in the bottom left-hand corner, located below the red arrow in the picture below:

This will cause a ‘RemoteApp’ window to appear, asking you if you wish to ‘Connect’ or ‘Cancel’. See the image below for an example of the ‘RemoteApp’ window:

Select ‘Connect’. This will bring up the login window for the program.  Enter your password again in the Password field and log in by hitting the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the ‘Log In’ button in the bottom right hand corner:

You will now be taken to the main Tailwind page, as in the image below:

You are now successfully logged into Tailwind CMS!

If you have followed all of the instructions detailed in this procedure and are still unable to log in, please contact our support team and they will be happy to help you. To contact our Support team, please click here: Get Support