Tailwind TMS award for Best Trucking and Freight Broker Software Provider

Tailwind Awarded ‘Best Trucking & Freight Brokerage Software Provider- 2017’ by Industry Insight Monthly

From Industry Insight Monthly’sTransport and Logistics 2017 Awards‘ publication:

…Tailwind provides an online software-as-a-service platform that helps small to medium sized trucking companies and freight brokerages improve their cash flow, reduce their paperwork, and keep compliant with regulators. Tailwind President & CEO Murray Pratt outlines what services the company offers to its clients, and the thorough process it goes through to ensure that the business performs at the highest possible standard that it can.

“Tailwind offers an all-in-one system that allows small freight transportation and logistics companies to improve their workflow, better track their activities and provides information and insight on how to improve their business operations on a systematic basis. It ties together all the pieces of a business, including its people, its assets, its operations and its administration in one unified system, meaning that the owners and senior management can monitor and improve business performance.”

Tailwind is different to other companies in the transportation market because of the pace and speed with which it can make changes to its application and to its services. Being an adaptive company enables the firm to adjust to the constant change within the industry.

“Tailwind not only offers a software-as-a-service platform to our customers, but incorporates a ‘software-as-a-service’ ethos into all aspects of our operating model – working with partners who share a similar mindset and business model. Tailwind is always looking for ways to remove the friction and impediments in the way of running a just-in-time, smoothly flowing business. By continuously exploring how improvement can be made through automation, improving a workflow, or changing staff behavior, Tailwind is better able to adapt and adjust to a quick moving marketplace…”

Read the full Industry Insight article on Tailwind Transportation Software on page 5 of their ‘Transport and Logistics 2017 Awards‘ publication. 

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