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Kids swimming


It seems like it was so long ago now that it’s a rainy November day in Vancouver, but just 4 months ago, I spent most of my days at the beach. Blue waves lapping at my feet, sitting on a beach mat, a cooler full of snacks beside me.  I whittled away at my days watching my kids play while I chatted with friends.

I was speaking to my friend Kurt, about character and how important it is to be who you are. Of course, as a mom, you can’t totally relax at the beach when your 11-year old and both your 9-year old twins are swimming.  So, while I was riveted by my conversation with Kurt, I did look up to see my son at the shore.

There he was at the shore, loading up the pockets of his swim trunks with the biggest rocks he could find.

I thought,  “Hmm, ok he is collecting rocks”

I looked back at Kurt – not hard to do to be honest as he is quite a handsome man – and continued to speak about how important it is to be unique.

When I looked back at my son, he was about to dive into the water with his pockets full of heavy west coast igneous rocks.

Kurt caught my look of shock and said “What is he doing?”

Good question, Kurt.  Why would someone fill their pockets full of rocks and then try to swim?

That’s not unique, it’s stupid.

So I, very careful not to yell because I want Kurt to think I am a diligent but super chill mom, asked Sawyer to come over to see me. On his way up the beach, his shorts, laden with weight, began to drop down to his ankles.

I asked him “Sawyer what are you doing?”

He responded, as if I was the one who was making a very unintelligent move by stopping him, “I am going to swim to the dock, mom”

“But why are you filling your pockets with rocks? you may sink.”

“Yeah, I thought of that,” he said nonchalantly, with his shorts around his ankles and his cute little boy cheeks all puffed up.

“So why would you still decide to swim to the dock with rocks in your pockets?”

“I thought if I started to sink, I would just take them out of my pockets while I was swimming” he answered.

“That’s hard to do when you are drowning.”  I guess he never watched that episode of the Sopranos… but the science here is not too hard to grasp.

So I think of this today at Tailwind when I speak to Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers who are using pen and paper to run their businesses, instead of using their computers and a suitable Trucking and Freight Broker software. Thereby, effectively loading up their own pockets with extra weight.

It is hard to think when you are drowning with misplaced invoices, no customer contact information, unsent dispatches, drivers wanting to get paid, submitting IFTA – not to mention staying compliant. Although using a pen and paper, your phone or excel sheets to manage your job may not cause your pants to literally fall down, eventually as your business grows, you will inevitably end up being… under water.

Try swimming without adding weight to your operations and save your energy to focus on how to make your business become more profitable.  With Tailwind your day to day experience will be a lot easier to manage.

Sawyer did find it easier to swim without the rocks in his pocket.

Reminds me of the Warren Buffet saying, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”


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