Silent Night

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Silent Night
“Hey Brenda …….did you get that truck out there for that breakdown? Well, he said it was at the intersection of Van Dyke and Richmond. He was where? Oh….it’s a Refer unit…It’s gone too! I thought it was just the trailer.”

Holy Night
“What……..what happened? Didn’t they use a forklift for it? What was broken? I told that guy before that he needed to get the shipper to use their forklift.”

All is Calm
“Where is that invoice? We need to get it over to them for heaven’s sake. They pay us net 60 ……we have to get it into their hands sooner. Where did you last see it?”

All is Bright 
“What are you saying? When were you pulled over? Didn’t you check your taillights before you headed out? Was that flagged in our trucking software system Brenda? How come we sent him out in #54?

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child
“Hi honey, yes………yes………what time is your family arriving? Yes, yes……..I will be there. Well last year there was an accident – I had to deal with it. I wanted to be there believe me. Okay – 6:30pm at home.”

Holy Infant, So Tender and Mild 
“Hi sweetie……..yes, I will be there. No later than 6pm. I can’t wait to see you guys and grandma and grandpa. Yes, sweetie, a gingerbread house? Wow, you and mommy were busy today. Yes, yes …I will be there. I will be leaving at 5:45pm. Not this year. Yes..yes……I will be there sweetie. I love you too sweetie.”

Sleep in Heavenly Peace
“Hey Brenda, do you know where Tom is? He has to set the phones to our holiday hours. We have to close things down —- has Bill returned to the yard with #79 yet? Yuck……the bridge again? Did they close it? You head home  – I will take care of it. What is Bill’s cell again?

Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

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