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It’s so hard to find a good blogger these days. Constantly recruiting them. You train them and then they leave for more money. All you end up with is some empty pages on the website – just sitting there. You’re not making any money with an empty page.

I thought about ordering some Blogger Recruitment Software – figure out the best way to recruit, screen and then hire good bloggers.

But instead I found this great technology – it’s called Self Writing Blogging software.

It’s technology that you can install on your computer and it will do all the writing and blogging for you. I received the Beta test copy of the newest software so we can try it out for our trucking software company here in Vancouver.

Just plugging it in… oh… one thing. Just because I am no longer Writingthe blog doesn’t mean that I am not at my desk actually Operating my blog. There is still some human judgment required.

Here… let’s fire it up… beep, boop, beep, boop… hummmmm!

That sounds lovely. I remember the sound of my first Mac.


Oneofthekeybenefitsofaselfwritingblogisthatyoucanmakegainsinspaceefficiencybyhavingthewordstravelmorecloselytogether. Thisisgreatforinkconsumptionandreducingthewearandtearoncomputerkeyboards.

<space>, <space>… sorry… I had intervene. One of those words could have gotten an exclamation right up their ampersand…

Technology can do all sorts of wonderful things – it can speed up things and make you more efficient but sometimes thinks are unpredictable and then the weather changes… and…

                                                                                                                                                …the words can start sliding off



                                A …

                                                                G ..                                                                        


And then you ditch the hit!

…oh come on!

<Tab> < Tab> Yep, everything’s good… yep. All good.

And this new technology is really good because you are doing the same thing over and over again and your blog gets written efficiently and then posted in the SAME PLACE… until the new kid in marketing with late post-pubescent acne decides that its time to refresh one of the pages…

A  – D – N ……..Y-U-O …….H-V-A-E ….O-N………D-I-E-A ………H-O-W-E …….T-I-H-N-G-S …W-L-I-L …NNNNDup

What the heck is going here??

<ENTER> <ENTER> <ENTER> Back on the road. Back on the road.

But this technology allows you to write your blog at a consistent pace so that other blogs will know when this blog will arrive and will depend on its consistency and even manner… but

Then all hell with break lose with ap enoding dleadline thatit witll need to move fsteer but that dernthign can’t go that…….cause –i-t-s j-u-s-t t-a-k-i-n- its l-o-l-ly-g-ag-g-g-e-d ……..and then every blogger get out of sequence because the guato blog cu7djknto adjust then then there is a biggh gfrigging


Q3 40 t2- u u8tq[0t 24]61=9hq1tu34 iy[0qutpq3utj2 j69[13yu[02u6[tuqw4y9g[qtqhu[tyuw4[ tigq[029hj5[90 tpq3ug[0q2ui t[q3u 9pt2u[05u2[u5r[01ut9pu4gj[0 buw[0 tyi[gu2[ut[e0ut9[ utg’0htug[0 ut u24[-tuw49- utq ut90 w4t-uy9-w4ut90u750815oh= t5o yi 9yuq3 tu20it       q9 yut91u90tu129ytq9ryp19yhtp

Words of every size – disassembled letters – all over the place strewn across 10 lanes of the Information Highway. Who is responsible for this mess? Who is accountable for this mess? The blogger? The Old guy sitting at the desk wasting his time pretending that he is working? Or the Software Designer?

Well I auto give him a piece of my mind!

Dear Self-Writing Blogging Software Designer:

I don’t like your software. You can shovel it… I mean shove it.

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