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What Trucking Companies That Also Broker Say About Tailwind
Tailwind provides industry leading software for companies who both operate trucks and broker loads. Take a look at what they have to say.

“Very positive! Helped us expand our business and provide customer data quickly. Easy to use and learn!”
– Kevin J.,RLS Global, Inc.

“It is easy to use. I love that it integrates with QuickBooks Online. This makes it easy for our accounting side of operations. “
– Sheila A., Office Manager, DC Anderson & CO, LLC

Tailwind is easy to use, and very compatible with our needs. The support staff is helpful. We have had great business success with Tailwind.”
– Travis A., Operations Manager, Western Heavy Haul

“Tailwind helps us in our day-day operations and provides a one-stop solution for operations and invoicing. It’s easy to use, practical and has an intuitive interface.”
– Ricky B., Lotus Terminals LTD

“Tailwind is very user friendly and has customizable features that can be done at the user level or through their support network. Run into an issue? Just call or email their support team, responses are always quick and solutions just as good.
– John T., ATS Logistics

“Tailwind has given us greater visibility into our dispatch and invoicing, as well as our daily operational challenges. It is extremely rewarding to work with a company that has such exceptional customer service”
– Lea B., Dispatch Manager, Moonlight Freight, LLC

“Overall, the Tailwind software has been very easy to use, and trouble free. Tailwind staff as always been quick to respond to any problems and questions that have come up. The software is very user friendly, and easy to work with. Implementation into to our organization was very smooth, and trouble free ”
– Ronald D., Sales Manager, Scott’s Transport Limited

“Great Product. Tailwind is an excellent product that has allowed me to expand in a capacity that would not be manageable. The product is very easy to use and is packed with many useful features. The ability to track all your orders, drivers, and carriers is very valuable and could not be replicated with just and excel spreadsheet.
– Cole M., Operations Manager, Mig LLC

“Tailwind has made our daily routine much easier and efficient. Tracking equipment, payables and receivables, as well as, sending orders and quotes is quite simple. Tailwind’s support department is good, anytime we have a problem we are able to get answers promptly. I did a little bit of training with Tailwind’s trainer, but I mostly learned how to use the system by navigating through it on my own. I found it easy to use, it made sense to me.”
– Handeep S., Trans-Logic Truck Lines

“I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I feel like sometimes I can really be a real pain in the butt but you always come through and help me in every way you can. I know it can be very frustrating at times. I know you are a very busy & dedicated individual and there aren’t enough people like yourself out there. You always make sure you return all my calls or at least e-mail me back, and to me, that goes beyond the call of duty. I just wanted to personally thank you for your excellent customer service. Thanks again”
– Tarine M., Ten Berge Transportation

“Tailwind has been a wonderful company to work with! As a specialized transportation company, it was very difficult to find a software program on the market to fit our dispatch, accounting, and maintenance needs without breaking the bank. Tailwind has been able to meet all of our needs and is continuously adapting to make sure the software works for our business. The support team is very responsive and always finds an answer to our problem. We are still adjusting to a new software program, but we are thankful that we chose Tailwind!”
– Tiffany M., Operations Manager, Precision Heavy Haul, Inc.

“We have been using Tailwind since 2005 and could not be happier with the program. This program has increased our efficiency within our company. The over the phone training they offer was convenient and easy to comprehend. They are very friendly and always ready to answer any questions that we have. The system is very user friendly. It is so easy to enter new orders, make corrections, research and do invoicing. We also like how easy it is to look up the company financial sales, cost and receivables by using the report function that is available. We highly recommend this program; it has been a number one tool for us.”
– Ron T., Delaware Dist

“We have enjoyed working with Tailwind over the past four months. Not only because the application fits our needs as a small, growing truck company but, beyond all that, their staff is genuinely interested in our success as a business.  I know that if I have a question or a concern that I can count on the Tailwind team to help me. Sometimes they are truly amazing wind of comfort at my back. We operate in South America and we have appreciated how they have worked with us to apply the software to our particular situation. As a result we have been successful to date and are now growing quickly. Muchas Gracias!”
– Natalia S., AT Cargo

“What I really like about Tailwind is the customer support. The support team is responsive and appropriately reactive. The Tailwind software program is organized and user-friendly. We broker in our business, and had gone through the process of demoing several other transportation management systems. We learned that the other programs did not fit all of our business needs. Tailwind makes our work more efficient so that fewer mistakes are made. Once we enter in our information we can see the process from quotation right through to billing. Tailwind has helped our business to grow and become more profitable.”
– Pam L., General Manager, Universal Freight & Transportation Inc.

“Tailwind’s provides a clear board that uses a variety of colours and headings to make it easy to read and offers a great deal of information. The setup of the program is straightforward, allowing for smooth work processes. The error pop-ups provide a clear explanation of the problem so you know where and how to correct the error. They also have excellent customer support services with representatives who are able to explain things in a manner that is easy to understand. Overall, I would recommend this program to any dispatch in the industry. It is a very user friendly system that provides all the necessary information to complete the required daily processes.”
– Sarah R., Campbell Freight Inc

“The software is good for tracking shipments and for the visibility it provides for all of our employees. Anyone in the office can pull up the orders and dispatches and know exactly what is happening. We phone in to the support department to ask for help with invoicing and generating reports. I appreciate that they get back to us promptly, within the same business day, and that they have a great way to connect with us on an interpersonal level. The software is easy to learn and we know who to call to get our questions answered. The support department is great at explaining the system to us in plain language that we can understand. As our business grows we continue to learn about how the system can help us further.”
– Mitchie E., Keene Freight Logistics

“We have been fortunate to be able to utilize the Enterprise version of Tailwind which has proven to be a very effective solution for TEAM.  We offer a multitude of services and over 300 pieces of various equipment servicing the ports, containers, value added services including destuffing/stuffing, specialized equipment addressing heavy haul requirements and tanker units for bulk product. Tailwind can accommodate our diversity and effectively track our customized orders and equipment, adding seemless customer service and satisfaction. Order entry is simple and tracking is quick and easy. One of the features that has added to our customer satisfaction is the ability for our customers to track their own shipments. Our trucks are all required to have GPS/satellite tracking enabling our customers to monitor their live loads as well as their invoices and billing and effectively view their entire account.  Orders have all pertinent information and related documents attached in the system and can be emailed directly to the customer’s designated representative allowing for quicker invoicing and turnaround for receivables.  Another enjoyed feature is that everything is customizable and we are able to generate customer specific reports and invoices, in addition to a multitude of other internal forms which enable us to effectively monitor KPI’s. From an accounting perspective it has also expedited our IFTA and driver pay.  The wizards in the system make driver pay quick and easy to review outstanding payments to the driver. Automatic payables calculate driver pay for both company drivers and owner/operators, based on the criteria set at the initial setup of the software and credentials can easily be amended or necessary changes made. The quoting module has reduced duplicate entries and historical data can be quickly accessed. Future follow-up and scheduling requirements can be logged and reminders set in the quoting module to ensure we don’t miss out on any opportunities or projects. Tailwinds allows for smooth work processes and efficiency with minimal staffing requirements allowing for greater profitability and the system and execution are simple and very user-friendly.”
– Danita M., Logistics Manager,  Team Transport Group