What Trucking Companies Say About Tailwind
It's easy for us to talk about Tailwind trucking software, but don't take our word for it. See what trucking companies have to say about Tailwind. "We needed a system to make confirmation sheets and were using pen and paper to run our business. I contacted Tailwind and had a demo with Lynda. We got our logins and watched two training videos on our own time. The program was super easy to learn on our own. It was extremely self-explanatory. It took me one month to learn how to use the system. I could have learned it in one week, but I was really busy at work. If I had a question, I got an answer from your support department and your trainer within 1-2 hours. Tailwind stayed in touch with me regularly. I never felt alone in learning how to use the system. Now our business is more organized and I can work from home when I need to." - Kourtney H., Seven Oaks Dairy LLC
“ Tailwind has grown and it shows.  Your customer service is incredible. I love learning and your support team can teach me how to tackle my software issues.  When our companies work together to build a relationship we both can achieve success.  Our old system was DOS based and when we upgraded our computers we needed to get a new Transportation Management System.  After a year of using Tailwind, I feel like I understand how to use the system, I can get help when I have a problem and I have the ability to cross-train with my staff so the system is continually adapting to our evolving business needs.” - Roxanne L., HR & Accounts Payable, Specialized Equipment Systems
"Before Tailwind, we weren’t using any software to manage our operation and everything was handled by pen and paper. That did the trick while we were small and only had a few trucks, but once we started to focus on growing the company, we knew we needed a good system to help us grow.  Tailwind has been really great and is a crucial part of our business. It helped us grow. Paying owner operators and keeping track of everything would be impossible without Tailwind. The software itself is great, but more importantly, the training and support is superb. Tailwind’s staff has always been there to help us from the beginning, and I would recommend it to every trucking business out there." - Pardeep A., CEO, Triple Eight Transport Ltd.
"The technical support is thorough, responsive and helpful at Tailwind." - Tom O., EMH Transportation LLC
"Tailwind dealt directly with my interest and provided patience along with understanding and an open mind for the specific requests. Tailwind's employees have carried these same customer service elements in our day-to-day communications over the past few years and continue to value me as if I was their only customer. Your team's ability to reconfigure your programs functionality at any given notice has separated you from your competition by a country mile." - Justin D., Cassidy's Transfer & Storage Ltd.
"We were able to adapt the Tailwind platform with ease and the learning curve was short. System has a lot of functionality and the support by their staff is excellent! Greatly enhanced our capability to manage our transportation services.I would definitely recommend Tailwind!" - Kevin J., RLS Global, Inc.
"We are a small company, it's just me, my employer and 5 drivers. We just received our authority two years ago. The old software we were using was very tedious and I never heard back from their support department when I needed help. With Tailwind I can punch in 5 dispatches in less than 15 minutes, it used to take me about an hour. I save a significant amount of time using Tailwind. The training is wonderful, I appreciate the Q&A classes and the structure that is available to learn how to use the system. Your trainer is quick to accommodate and can answer all of my questions. Tailwind's support department is incredible, I have a solution to a technical problem within 20 minutes they have called me directly instead of sending me emails, making it easier for this old dog to learn new tricks." - Jim L., Woody's Trucking
“I could not be happier with the service I’ve received.  You supplied me with a great product years ago and it just keeps getting better. I regularly recommend Tailwind to others.”  - Mike K., Owner, MSK Transport
"This is a very user friendly program. All features are great and can be user altered for their own preferences. Tailwind provides excellent support and is willing to work to meet your needs. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in have a user friendly program and a support staff second to none. The cream of the crop as far as support goes. I have never experienced anything as good." - Dean V., Sunfire Transport
"Order entry and dispatching are easily handled with Tailwind. It's good value for the money spent and I would recommend it to others." - Yvonne H., Motrux
"This system is great for trucking businesses. It is fairly easy to learn and has lots to offer. I have yet to stop learning new things from this system. The Driver Pay Wizard is very handy for my department. I am able to immediately determine if PRO#s have or have not been paid to a driver. My old method was to look through every check they have received from us! Customer support is always there to help! Thank you Kenny and Kyle." - Dana N., A&J Transportation