Freight Broker Testimonials


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What Freight Brokers Say About Tailwind

We can talk about Tailwind freight broker software all day – but it’s what our customers say that really matters. 

“Very good software. Easy to use and web-based so we can access from anywhere.”

– Al Z., General Manager, Multi-National Logistics Inc.

“I have had a great experience with the software. The staff is very responsive and would gladly be able to train me on anything I need to know.”

– Ryan V., Available Trade International

“Very user friendly, very simple and easy to find information. I can get information from 3-4 years from using the system about driver, power units, trailers, customers, vendors etc…”

Balihar M., Sam-X Logistics

“I have been very pleased with Tailwind. Overall, it is very user friendly and the staff is very responsive when I am needing assistance. It has all the features that we need as a 3PL user and adapts to our needs.”

– Jack O., Director of Sales and Ops, Irish Transportation LLC

“Very happy with Tailwind and their customer service. It’s internet based which has made it very easy to go anywhere and still be able to work. We love the software, and the staff is awesome to work with”

– Angie B., Owner, Blanchette Transportation Services

“Tailwind is easy to use and fulfills all of our needs. Great support, agile platform. We love tailwind and have used it for several years. We would recommend this service to anyone looking for an affordable, highly functional TMS. “

– Erin K., Owner, OnDeck Freight Systems

“This software allows us to keep track of shipments, send out rate confirmations and even invoice customers all through the same easy to use application. This software is so easy to use and intuitive. It can be used anywhere and has the features that other softwares charge 10 times the amount for. “

– Jason D., President, Orangedale Transportation LLC

“If you are on the go all the time, since Tailwind is web based, you can login on your laptop when on the road. Tailwind offers a paperless environment. I like the fact that we can use multiple currency. This makes it easy to do business with both American and Canadian customers”

– Andrew M., Manager, DRT Transportation

“The software is easy to understand and provides all TMS functions from dispatch, AP, AR, to account management reporting. It has some nice features due to its integration with mileage programs, posting sites, and reporting. Tailwind supports multiple users and most importantly works using multiple currencies for CDN and USD.

– Greg D.,VP Sales and Operations, SPI International Transportation

“Great for a new Broker. We are a 3rd party broker that needed a software to create load confirmations and invoices. This software perfectly achieves that task and it’s a good price. Over the last 3 years we have had no issues with the software breaking at any point. When I log in, I am confident the software will work and allow me to complete the tasks at hand. This is big as down time due to software bugs isn’t something that would be acceptable.”

– Tyler H., President, Jackrabbit Logistics LLC

“Jon is our trainer from Tailwind. All of us here at RPM Expedite Inc. were trained by her on how to use Tailwind. Jon is extremely knowledgeable and every time if we needed something quick, she always try to resolve our problems right away. We could not ask for any better trainer than her, she explained and showed how to use the software extensively. We really appreciate her efforts and look forward to have our new employees trained by her in the near future.”

Betty Y., Controller, RPM Expedite

“Tailwind is awesome from top to bottom. It has been a pleasure to work with all the support and sales staff at Tailwind. The software saves us an incredible amount of time. We were an old company that was resistant to change and are extremely grateful to have found Tailwind. The training and support has exceeded our expectations. We flew out your Trainer to teach us how to implement the software and the investment was worth every penny. The training was the key to being able to use this system. I would recommend Tailwind over the alternatives, no hesitations.”

Mark A., President, MAC Freight Services

“We have been very pleased with our decision to implement TAILWIND as our primary operations and tracking software. As a distribution/warehousing business with three locations stretching from coast to coast, our information has to be available to all locations. TAILWIND’s software has allowed us to centralize all of our information into one database, with up-to-date tracking information available at all times. Our customers are able to access the tracking system and feel confident about the information in front of them. We would proudly recommend TAILWIND software without hesitation!”

“All of our information is easily and readily available to us with pinpoint accuracy. Our customers are happier, more informed and better taken care of since we installed the software. We can quickly and accurately track our customers’ loads and update them at a moment’s notice on their shipment status. We do not misplace or lose orders anymore and that has saved us time and money. If an order is not delivered it cannot be billed. Even if the paperwork is misplaced and the order delivered, we will still have the order in the system to bill. The ability to sync to our accounting makes our accountants job easier.”

Jamie P., Polar Express

“As a startup business I easily completed integration and worked efficiently from day one. The invoicing is very detailed collecting information from the normal workflow of dispatch to billing. Tailwind has developed a very powerful platform with customizable features for any size business. During integration their customer support via live chat that stays with you on each screen is amazing. It’s as good as having an in house IT department in your office working on your system all day. Truly amazing customer support. The training videos allows you to continually go back and learn the basics. The way the system operates and the access to training videos, makes on boarding new employees a snap. They basically do it for you with all of the videos. Jon is the dedicated trainer and she rocks!!!!”

– Bob K., XLENT Industries

“There is no other way to go than being on a maintenance and support plan with Tailwind. I have noticed a huge improvement with the new Customer Success Platform that is being offered. Previously, we were not using the system to its full potential. Angelena reached out to us this year and ensured that we are receiving the attention we require. Specifically, as a Platinum customer I will receive a one on one session with the “awesome” Jon Kingsley. I am confident that as a result of this intervention we will receive all the help we need to learn how to use the system comprehensively and to run reports that will further align my business needs with the Tailwind Software. If we have a technical problem your support team helps us immediately and our issues are resolved. I have enjoyed the stability of your support team; Mark, Sandy, Egi and Richard are all great at their jobs and walk us through to the answers we require. Working with Tailwind in 2016 will enable me to get my Trucking business to the next level of success.”

Kevin A., Vice President, Target Transportation

“We began searching for an operations software package in early 2007. After investigating a number of systems, we found Tailwind. The Tailwind staff made the transition from manual to automated very easy. They were all very professional and maintained timelines that were very tight.

Tailwind helped us to adapt forms (quote, Load Contract, etc) to look and feel like the manual systems so that it was a seamless change for our customers and vendors. And they didn’t nickel and dime us every time we needed something changed. They provided excellent on site and after regular business hours training as well as distance service.

At the same time, we needed to change accounting systems to fully utilize Tailwind and their staff made the transition as painless as possible with real help for our accounting personnel.

We’ve been operating with the system in place for about 16 months and every issue that we have had, and there have not been many, have been addressed quickly and professionally by the Tailwind staff. I highly recommend the Tailwind operations system to anyone who is interested.”

– Rod W., Lantrax Logistics