Putting ‘Hours of Service’ Regulations to Bed

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Street mattress

street mattress

Do you ever wonder what is going really going on? Like, in another dimension? Like maybe there is some parallel universe where our ancestors and some of the things we think about are floating all around you as you go about your day…

My 20-minute commute to work every day sees me drive along the highways and tertiary roads that crisscross the agricultural belt in our large municipality. At this time of year, I like seeing the return of the Snow Geese from Russia, the big pumpkin patches which always get me smiling – just to think back to Charlie Brown and Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the ‘Great Pumpkin’!

‘Oh brother!’

Enjoying my ride, my mind starts to wander and then I am brought back to the reality of my day and I start thinking about some of the bigger things we need to accomplish in our trucking software business.

Some times it’s a marketing initiative.

Other times it’s sales… always more sales. I mean, who doesn’t want more sales?

Sometimes it’s a financial issue. Yep, that’s why I go to work. Can’t wait to go through another spreadsheet!

But this morning it was Development and…


Geez… that was close.

‘What is that *&^%$% matress doing in the middle of the *&^%$  highway?’

I had just taken the exit off 99, circling around to 91 – and just when I was coming out of the curve and picking up speed, and merging with all the other traffic exiting to 91 from the other direction – right smack dab in the middle of the road was this big old mattress.

I mean who drops a mattress in the middle of a busy highway?

The cars ahead of me were moving along at some 45 to 50 clicks and then all of sudden they are swerving wide around a big nasty mattress strung across the middle of the road affecting the twinned lanes.

As I slowed and swerved around it I could see that it was old, moldy and a bit damaged – springs sticking out.

I thought to myself

‘Is this some innovative new promotion for Beauty Rest’… like a new guerrilla marketing campaign.

“Hey Tony, let’s drop a mattress in the middle of 91 and run a street campaign!”

Get a Good Night’s rest with our new Sleeping Beauty mattress. You’ll sleep so soundly that you won’t notice all the cars zigging and zagging around you in the middle of the highway’

Or maybe it was sitting at the side by the ditch and got egged on by his two pillow friends – like that scene in the Stand by Me movie.

‘Hey Mattie… try it… looks clear. Run fast… run fast… oh no.’


This thing came to me out of the blue – well, out of the asphalt on – when I was thinking about…about guess what’? I was actually thinking about my Development team and the work we were doing to make our application compatible with GPS and ELD technology.

Yes, the new ELD mandate. I was wanting to get an update from my team on how we are doing and then ‘kapowie’!… a mattress appears right in front of my vehicle!

It’s like another dimension. I mean ‘c’mon’.

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