Psychic Truck Lines


“Thanks for calling Psychic Truck Lines – that will be $3,495 before taxes”

“Um… okay… well… it’s Jim Weir here from Corn Stalk Beverages… and I…

“Yes Jim, we know it’s you.”

“Wow… you guys got like one of those fancy phone systems where my name shows up on the screen when I call?”

“Haha, oh no, Jim. We don’t waste our money on luxury technology like that.”

“Well then you must have some sort of amazing trucking software system tied into the web and your phone system… like how do you do that?”

“That’s what makes us different Jim. We get to know our customers really well.”

“Okay… well the reason I was phoning in is that I have a full truck…”

“Load of Kick-a-poo Joy Juice going from Omaha out to the west coast and you need it there on Friday.”

“Um… well yes. Did I mention that to you already? I know I picked up the phone. Let me think – I was talking our shipper, Earl, and then I stopped over on the bottling line because some of the labels seemed to be slipping off…er… you sure you’re not using some new-fangled trucking software system where you know because we have done this run before that this is the same order?”

“No Jim… we just knew that you were going to call us about this.”

“Well, I need a quote.”

“I gave you the quote already – $3,495 before tax.”

“Oh… well then I need to arrange for you to pick up the load…”

“at the Northwest Warehouse, Dock 7 at 10am tomorrow”

“Ok…. just a sec… ‘HEY EARL – where and when you want the pick up?’… ‘Dock 7 at 10am tomorrow should be fine?’… Okay so Dock 7…”

“Got it”

“So are you sure you can get it there for…”

“Friday at 3pm – yes.

 And Jim we will  make sure that you have the driver make note of that one case that leaked and was rejected by the Receiver. I have made note of it in our trucking software system but you also may want to look at you Capper machine on the fill line.

And make sure to tell your accountant that we expect payment in 30 days even if he is going to be on vacation.”

“Okee-do-kee. Heading out lunch now.”

“Avoid the Caesar salad… something is off with the garlic.”