Tailwind Unlimited TMS Software

Take the Limiters Off Your Business

Tailwind Unlimited TMS software is for trucking companies and freight brokerages looking to take the limiters off their business. Those looking for unlimited visibility into their shipping events, unlimited business intelligence insights, unlimited technology integrations, and EDI. And being cloud-based, there aren't any limits to where you can access your Unlimited TMS from.

Tailwind Unlimited TMS Includes

Your business should not be limited by your TMS system. That's why Tailwind continues to innovate - always adding new features and integrations to the Tailwind Unlimited TMS.

Tailwind Unlimited TMS Software includes:

  • Transportation technology integrations:
    • Unlimited load and shipment event tracking
    • Custom reporting and analytics (Business Intelligence)
    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    • Simplified carrier onboarding
    • Capacity optimization
  • Customer and Carrier Self-Serve Portals - made available through your website
  • Free POD Capture Mobile App for all your Drivers
  • API Web-Hooks that allow you to 'self-integrate' the transportation tech you need to grow your business

Take a quick, self-guided tour through the Tailwind TMS:

Key Benefits

tailwind standard tms
  • Unlimited visibility into your business - from individual shipment events to wider operational analytics
  • Unlimited access to the latest transportation tech - system updated every two-weeks and API Web-Hooks allow you to add the custom software you need
  • Unlimited opportunity - scale your business by offering your customers and partners the self-serve tools


  • Unlimited shipment event tracking
  • Customer and carrier self-service portals
  • Electronic load / rate confirmations & acceptance
  • Continuously growing list of partner integrations (EZCheck-In, Trucker Tools, Kleinschmidt EDI, QuickBooks, RMIS...)
  • API Web-Hooks to simplify 'self-serve' integrations


The Tailwind Unlimited TMS is a cloud/web-based TMS - No Installation or Maintenance Fees Required. Talk to a Tailwind Customer Success Team member to learn how the Tailwind Unlimited TMS can help your business grow with no limits.


The Tailwind Unlimited TMS is built for freight transportation companies looking to leverage the latest technology to better serve their customers, to lower overhead, and to rapidly scale their growth.

The Tailwind Unlimited TMS is recommended for:

  • Innovative Freight Brokerages with distributed teams
  • Trucking companies with 20-100 trucks that run across states/provinces and the US/Canada border
  • Logistics companies that have trucking assets and broker loads

If you're tired of being tied to dated client-based TMS systems whose new features are released annually (or semi-annually if you're lucky); if you want to have greater control over the technology your TMS works with, or if you simply want the most robust and rapidly improving web-based TMS on the market (updates take place every two-weeks), sign-up for a custom tour of the Tailwind Unlimited TMS.

"Tailwind was able to check off several boxes - what really sold me was the customer service and ease of use. We opened a second branch and Tailwind was able to integrate seamlessly to get both of our branches to run simultaneously."

- David Segal Blouin, President, Depart Transport Inc 

Evaluating On-Premise vs SaaS

On-Premise vs Saas Graph

Increase your savings. Check out Software Advice’s TCO (total cost of ownership) calculator. This calculator lets you analyze the cost for an on-premise software system vs a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

With our web-based TMS, you don’t need to perform any installations and you’re able to get up and running in a matter of minutes at your own convenience. This allows companies to save costs on hardware, additional software, and staffing, while providing the flexibility for access from anywhere.

We’ve reduced our cost of producing an invoice by over 75%… We reduced the cost of making a payment by over 50%… We have built out our offering using the Tailwind TMS to the point where carriers are telling us that we are doing things better than some of the biggest players in the industry!

 Mundo Sanchez, CFO, Loop Integrated Solutions