How to Evaluate Trucking Company Software

Trucking Software – How to Evaluate

Trucking Software to Keep Your Trucks and Business Moving

You’re always on the move, so you need a trucking software that can keep up. A cloud, or web-based transportation management system allows you to access every aspect of your business wherever you need to be (at the office, at home, one the road). It ‘unshackles’ you from a desktop device.

But with so many trucking software options available, it can be difficult to find the right solution. Do you need a few specific features, or something that can handle it all? Comparing the options and features of different trucking software is a great way to make a decision, but you may find yourself asking “this could be useful, but what features do I really need?”

How Do I Know That I Need Trucking Software?

Let’s press pause on product comparisons and go back a step – what does success, specific to your trucking company, look like and how does trucking software support this?

Understanding what your trucking company is working to accomplish is a key factor in deciding what kind of software to use. Here is a breakdown of goals and common problems faced by trucking companies:

Situation #1 – Transitioning to New Management (or Family Member)

Common Roadblocks:

  • All business data and historical documents are stored in hard copy with no (or limited) electronic copies
  • Inability to gain insight to, or easily determine and share data on the current health of overall business operations and revenue
Situation #2 – Paper or Manual Filing

Common Roadblocks:

  • Human error
  • Duplicate data entry
  • Increased administrative expenses
  • Delayed reporting or line-of-sight to overall business health
Situation #3 – Business Growth or Improvements

Common Roadblocks:

  • Line-of-sight to overall business health, and the time required to manually review data and make decisions
  • Customer and vendor response time (submitting PODs, looking for a load confirmation etc.)

Take Control of Your Business with Trucking Software

Based on our discussions with thousands of small-to-mid-sized trucking companies, the above situations outline the more common reasons businesses either start using or upgrade their current trucking software. What are your main goals, or common roadblocks that keep you from increasing revenue or simply spending less time and money on admin tasks?

In a recent survey Tailwind Trucking Software customers reported the following results:

Tailwind TMS survey results

For a more in-depth look at how Tailwind Trucking software is helping trucking companies achieve their goals, take a look at our case studies, or visit an unbiased third party such as Capterra to learn more about what you should be looking for in a TMS

Every trucking company will have different needs, goals, and roadblocks. If you’re still unsure about which Trucking Software to use, or even if you really need a TMS, watch the below Tailwind Trucking Software Demo video, download our trucking software brochure, or book a Trucking Software Tour and get a Tailwind customer success agent to help identify the right solution for your trucking company.

Take a quick, self-guided tour through the Tailwind TMS or watch our Trucking Demo Video:

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