Tailwind Enterprise TMS

Ready to take your logistics company to the next level? The Enterprise tier of Tailwind’s Transportation Management Software is for innovators who want an ‘enterprise-grade’ web-based TMS without spending tens of thousands on licenses, internal IT, or software maintenance. It allows you to run multiple branches, operate in dual-currency, and automate your business with Customer & Carrier self-serve portals. It also includes an open API and supports an integration with the RMIS carrier onboarding service.

Who is it for?
Logistics team

Tailwind Enterprise is for innovative logistics companies not satisfied with the status quo. It’s for groups tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars on dated software, internal IT, and annual maintenance. It’s for transportation professionals looking for a fully web-based TMS solution to automate processes and streamline their business, in one or across multiple offices.

What does it do?

Tailwind Enterprise provides all core TMS functionality (Customer & Vendor Database, Dispatching, Invoicing, Payments) augmented by Enterprise features to help automate your business while improving customer experience.  It includes a Customer Portal so your customers can access load statuses and place orders, and a Carrier Portal that provides your Carriers with  views into loads available and payment statuses. 

How much does it cost?

Tailwind Enterprise is $139 per user per month.

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Take your business to the next level with Tailwind Enterprise 

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Tailwind In-App Support

In-app Support Chat helps get you get going quickly

Tailwind consolidated Dispatch screen

Dispatch loads and see arrived/departed updates from drivers & carriers, as well access e-PODs in the Dispatch view

Tailwind Customer Portal Login Screen

Customer and Carrier Self-Serve Portals save you time and generate greater customer and carrier loyalty

Tailwind Customer Portal Login Screen

Never lose or wait for a POD again. The Tailwind POD Complete mobile app (iPhone and Android) is FREE for all your drivers

Tailwind Customer Survey Results

Customers report seeing 25%+ improvements in business results using Tailwind

Tailwind consolidated Invoice screen

Easily create Orders – and have all that data automatically flow into Invoicing

Tailwind Documents

Generate branded documents such as Load Confirmations, Bills of Lading, Customer Accounts Statements, Invoices, Driver and Owner Op Pay Settlements

Tailwind Customer Portal Login Screen

Tailwind integrates with industry leading Load Boards to turn your expensive empty backhaul into a fully loaded profit

We’ve reduced our cost of producing an invoice by over 75%… We reduced the cost of making a payment by over 50%… We have built out our offering using the Tailwind TMS to the point where carriers are telling us that we are doing things better than some of the biggest players in the industry!

Mundo Sanchez, CFO, Loop Integrated Solutions