How to Evaluate Hybrid Trucking and Freight Broker Software

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TMS Software for Hybrid – Trucking and Freight Brokerage – Companies

As a full service transportation management company that offers trucking as well as logistics services, finding a software solution that accommodates the needs of both sides of your business doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let’s start with some of the common problems faced by companies that both run trucks and broker loads.

Managing Both Brokerage and Trucking Requires Agility

Managing your own trucks, as well as the loads you broker to trusted carrier partners can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re relying on multiple systems and legacy technology. What you need is a system that ties it all together and is accessible from where-ever your team members are located – be they in one or multiple offices, working from home, or on the the road.  

“Absolutely 100% happy with Tailwind…it is a good piece of web-based software that we are using. I’m way more productive – what used to take me 2-3 hours to do payroll, I get done in less than an hour. I don’t have to wait and delay the payroll process, I can do it from anywhere in the United States.”

– Matt Abraham, Dispatcher, Mac Freight Services

Solving the Disconnect Between Multiple Platforms

Tailwind Trucking and Freight Broker Software allows you to respond to the changing dynamics of your business. It gives you the capability to run both a Trucking Business and a Freight Brokerage out of the same system – tracking, reporting and communicating on each separate company without having to jump in and out of separate programs.

Data Consolidation for Reporting and Operations

Many freight brokerage + trucking companies use multiple platforms and programs to operate their business. To get a clear understanding of costs, revenue, operational challenges, and other opportunities for improvement, data consolidation and analysis across platforms is needed – but this can take valuable time and require lots of effort. 

The Solution for Better Organizational Reporting and Analysis

Tailwind TMS integrates with the most common technologies and platforms used by both trucking companies and freight brokers (QuickBooks, leading Load Boards, RMIS…). Over the last two decades, Tailwind has been developing TMS systems specific to ground transportation, so understands the type of information and reporting that’s required by organizations that both broker and operate trucks. The Tailwind TMS consolidates cross-platform data and provides a single source for the information you need so that you can make better decisions, faster.

Available from Where-Ever You Need to be – at home, the office…

working from homeYour business never stops – and requires that you and your staff are productive regardless if you’re working from multiple offices, from home, or where-ever you need to be.  A TMS installed on your desktop computer, half-way across the country (or even across town) doesn’t help you conduct business in the now. 

A TMS That Moves With You

TMS software that requires direct installation is extremely limiting. A web or cloud-based TMS is a great solution for organizations that don’t want to be tied to a device or inconvenienced by update downtime (not to mention annual maintenance costs). Having transportation management software that operates from the cloud gives you the freedom to access information no matter where you are, 99.9% system uptime, and doesn’t require expensive hardware, servers or IT technicians to install and keep it running. 

Tailwind TMS is cloud-based, secure, and backed by a support team available 24/7 should an issue arise. Learn more about some of the other benefits of choosing a cloud-based TMS in our blog. 

While running a trucking and freight brokerage business isn’t easy, we’ve tried to simplify choosing the right software for it. Compare our product plans today, start a free-trial, or book a product tour to learn how Tailwind TMS Software can help your Trucking Company / Freight Brokerage. 

Take a quick, self-guided tour through the Tailwind TMS or watch our 3-min intro video:

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