Tailwind POD Complete FAQs

Tailwind POD Complete FAQs

Who is the Tailwind POD Complete mobile app for?

For the Drivers who’s companies use the Tailwind system.

What does it do?

The application shows details of dispatches, and allows you to mark ‘Arrived’ and ‘Departed’ at locations on your trip plan. Most importantly, it allows you to capture an image of signed PODs and upload that directly to the Tailwind system, so that your company’s admin team can start billing the customer right away.

How do I download the application?

You can download the application from the Google Play Store (for Android users) or from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices like the iPhone). Your admin person should send you an SMS (Text) message with the link, as well as your login id and password.

Just click the link and install it on your Android or iPhone (you may need to set up accounts with Google or Apple).

Does it work on my phone all by itself?

The application will launch, but you will need a login to be able to do anything with it. You will need to get it set up by the Tailwind Administrator at your company. They can send you that login by text message (SMS) from inside the main Tailwind application.

Does this mean the office will be able to track me whenever my phone is on?

NO! There is a GPS tracking component, but it turns on when you mark yourself as ‘arrived’ at the first location on your trip plan and turns off when you mark ‘departed’ from the last location. It does not track except when there is an active dispatch in transit.

You can also manually turn the GPS tracking off with a simple toggle.

Does this replace my paper load confirmation?

That’s up to your company – the details of your load confirmation are all available on the app.

Does this affect my data costs on my phone?

The app does use data to communicate with the main Tailwind application. You will need to talk to your company about the associated costs.

How do I confirm my Arrivals/Departures from Pick Up and Drop-off Locations?

Simply tick the box confirming arrival or departure at the location on the dispatch displayed in the app.

Here’s a video on how to do this.

How do I capture the POD?

Have the POD signed as usual and then click “Capture POD” in the app. Take a photo of the signed POD, hit the checkmark, add a note if required and hit save. Boom! It’s in the database at the office. No waiting, no looking for a fax – it’s there immediately.

You can see how this works in this video

If I am having problems with my Tailwind app, what should I do?

1. Go to our Self Help video and/or articles.
2. Reach out to your company Administrator.
3. Send us a note (twsupport@envasetechnologies.com)

Sometimes I get this Prompt (PIC) after I hit ‘Capture Picture’?

This is a key feature of the system which allows you to handle multiple shipments on a load which require separate PODs for the invoicing.

If there is more than one Shipment on a load, and they require separate PODs, you will be asked to specify which POD/Shipment you are capturing.

How do I get other drivers on the service?

Tell them to talk to the Tailwind administrator at their business.