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The NFL season heads into week 2 tonight. Every team starts out the season with great optimism, excited about the possibility that this will be the season that they achieve penultimate success and win the Super Bowl.

But what does it take for team success?

First, it takes a common goal – a commitment to achieve something together.

Secondly, it takes a group of people who desire to make a difference and a willingness to coordinate their actives in order achieve something together.

Thirdly, it takes a plan for how you are going to get there – a set or values, norms, policies and standards for doing so.

Finally, it takes defined roles and responsibilities for people to execute on the plan – to trust one another and rely on one another for success.

It’s no different for any business – even a trucking business or a freight brokerage business. When you start out like most folks, you will have taken what Michael Gerber in his book, “The E-Myth,” calls the “Entrepreneurial.” You are invigorated by the idea of building a great trucking company.

You put a team together – perhaps it’s a friend, or more likely a close family member, a brother, a sister, a spouse. You then hire some drivers, you get an accountant in place, and all the other little things you need to do.

You then put a plan in place and work on the day-to-day execution of that plan. When it comes to execution on your plan, you will need to have a platform and system to run your team…to run your organization.

Trucking software gives you a system that centralizes all the data and information on your business. It represents your “Field of Play,” where you have defined all the roles and responsibilities of the players – Drivers, Dispatchers, Administrators – and find a way to have them operate around a common game plan in order to achieve success.

Without trucking software or freight brokerage software in place, you risk having an unorganized group of players on the field all doing their own thing – their own way. There are no huddles – there are now plays called, and most worrisome, there is no way to measure progress so you don’t know whether you are getting closer to your destination…the reason you started the whole endeavor in the first place!

Trucking software allows the GM or owner of the organization to call the plays much like the football quarterback. Good trucking software should come with pre-configured reports that operate much like the ‘scouting staff,’ sitting up in the booths above the field. They get to see the formations and patterns on the field and relay that information to the players.

It should also come with a Dispatching system that puts all the players and trucks in motion each and every week – with a huddle at the end of the week/play to make sure that they get ready for the next play/the next week ahead.

When everything gets organized and coordinated, when all the players know their positions, have memorized their plays – when a team puts in place those mechanisms that allow it to review and improve its performance week over week…well, you have a chance to make it to the playoffs.

And just perhaps you can make it to the SuperBowl – if only it is to go to the pre-game Press Conferences to say, “I am only here because I don’t want to get fined.”

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