From Ontario Trucking News – Cash Flow: There’s an App for That

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Tailwind TMS POD Cash flow app

You know the demands placed upon your business for cash. You have drivers all over the continent, trucking hard and doing the best they can to make a decent living. They get paid twice a month, and they know that if they want to get paid, they better find a way to get all those PODs (Proofs of Delivery) in before the big boss in accounting cuts them off. So, they usually look for the closest UPS or Purolator location so they can send PODs in using ‘super-rush’, supersonic air mail so that they arrive at the office about 15-minutes before they are due.

When the accounting office gets the POD, they may notice that ‘John D. Driver’ forgot to get a signature from the receiver, or maybe he sent the wrong POD to the wrong office – and now you have a complete ‘cluster-ma-call-it’ on your hands…

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