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Trucking Software Customer Survey Results

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How quickly a year passes… Here are Tailwind highlights from 2018, including customer survey results, the launch of Tailwind Enterprise, and a partnership with Trucker Tools.

Survey Says…

Tailwind surveyed customers in November 2018 to get their thoughts on using the Tailwind TMS. Highlights:
  • 88% felt 50%+ more organized
  • 84% felt 50%+ or more efficient in Amin and Operations
  • 61% felt they grew their business by 25% or more​
Tailwind 2018 Feature Release Highlights

Tailwind TMS Enterprise Edition

Built for innovators who want an ‘enterprise-grade’ web-based TMS without spending tens of thousands on licenses, internal IT, or software maintenance.

Tailwind POD Trucking Software

POD Complete for iPhone

Something was missing and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it… because you were on your iPhone…But now you can – because there’s now a Tailwind POD Complete app for your iOS device.

Plus over 200 other updates

Over the last year, Tailwind has made your TMS even stronger with over 200 updates and improvements, including integration with Trucker Tools Smart CapacityEasy Order Entry, and Advanced Search Capabilities.


Most Popular Webinars

Where the Trucks Are (Tailwind and Trucker Tools Smart Capacity)

Learn how to get highly reliable, timely truckload capacity data combined with predictive freight-matching processes and workflows, capacity management tools and more…



Take Your Logistics Business Up to Warp Speed with Tailwind ‘Enterprise’

Explore all the new tools aboard the completely web-based Tailwind Enterprise TMS


Most Popular Blogs for 2018

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The Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Improvement

The ability to continuously improve is at the heart of growing a successful business. How are you improving?


What We Did on Our Staycation

Tailwind’s Holiday Album

Here’s how Tailwind took some time out during the holiday season.



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