Navigating Between the Rumble Strips of Your Trucking Business

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Most of us like to follow the straight and narrow, keeping our rig moving forward between the lines on the road. It’s safe and efficient to do so.

But let’s be honest, we aren’t perfect, and sometimes we deviate a bit and run a bit over the line. It’s important to get that jolt – that alert – that comes from those rumble strip on the highway. I remember the first time I heard it and thought one of my car tires had shredded.

Whether you call it ‘the corduroy,’ ‘growlers,’ ‘sleeper lines,’ or ‘rumple strips’ – they stop you from drifting when you are on the road.

Good trucking software should have ‘rumble strips’ built right into the software that helps your business from drifting off course. No doubt it’s challenging running a business – keeping customers happy, keeping employees loyal, and putting enough away in the bank every month to ‘keep the wolf at bay.’ In the midst of the daily battle, you can lose some perspective – lose awareness of the important things that are happening.

Good trucking software should have some of these rumble strips built into the product.

For instance, you want a trucking software system that will alert you when one of your drivers needs a medical certification or has an expiring license.

  • You want a system that will let you know that one of the owner-operators’ insurance has expired.
  • Ideally, you will have system that comes with a number of pre-loaded reports that you can run daily, weekly, or monthly that tells you the profitability of a particular customers, a piece of equipment, or a particular trucking supplier
  • You have a system that can give you a dashboard of some of the key indicators for your business – orders, loads, invoices, payables – so you can quickly diagnose and address any important issues that arise.

When you put in a solid trucking software system that alerts you – wakes you up to the realities of the business – you will begin to see that these built-in ‘rumble strips’ aren’t so much a jolt to the body as they are the good vibrations of a trucking operations travelling down the road to success.

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