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Toy trucks

“V-a-r-o-o—o-o-m. Sc-r—e-e-e-e-e-ech………..BOOM!”

“Mr. Pratt, Mr. Pratt… what are you doing?”

“Oh hi, Prab… I was just playing with some trucks in my office. This guy driving the green rig wasn’t paying attention and ran the red light… and kaboom… he hit the guy in the gray Freightliner. Quite a pile-up don’t you say.”

“You’re playing with trucks? In your office?”

“Yep.  It’s not really work, Prab. I am living the brand – I am focusing on the end users of our trucking software application”


“Yep. I was reading today in the newspaper that Lego Corporation topped the Forbes list of the Most Powerful Brands in the world. Upon further investigation I found out that their CEO, a Mr. Knudstorp, spends at least 2-hours every day playing with Lego at work!”

“Two hours? That’s a lot!”

“Indeed it is. But that’s how important it is for a leader to spend time on their own product. I thought that it was a great way for a CEO to put themselves in the shoes of customer. Every day as he puts a Lego kit together, he too can learn to curse and scream because one picture or one line of instructions is missing in the directions. To top it off, I am sure he gets one younger drooling kid to stop by to play the role of a younger brother or sister  – who pops by and puts one the pieces in their mouths and walks away as he looks the other way”

“So are you trying to emasculate him?”

“No… and I believe ‘emulate’ is the word you are looking for, Prab. Everyone has an inner child and I thought in running our trucking and freight broker software business that it would be good if I brought some trucks into work and played with them”

“Sounds like a great idea Mr.Pratt.  I guess that’s lucky you work for a company that provides trucking software for businesses.”

“I’ll say, Prab. Earlier in my career I used to sell Pampers and Depends! I’ll bet that CEO is trying to figure out how to commune with his customers. Probably doesn’t have to waste time going for bathroom breaks, though. Visits to his office are cut short often I am betting”

“But, Mr. Pratt we don’t really make or build trucks. We like make Trucking and Freight Broker Software. It’s not like it’s tangible. It is more symbolic – it’s software that drives the behavior of people working in a trucking company, or a freight brokerage, or both – to help them collaborate better so the business becomes more efficient and profitable. You might be better putting big chunks of cash in your office, and then divvying them up into separate piles.

Like, you could have a pile of money to represent how Tailwind saves time managing Compliance for a DOT audit. You could have a big pile for how it improves cash-flow and profitability. Or another chunk for the help Tailwind provides in tracking fuel savings. Lots of piles of cash.”

“That is fascinating,  Prab. I like the idea, but making trucking software is more than just making or saving money. It’s about legacy – passing on a good business to the next generation. It’s about peace of mind – helping people cope better with the rigors of running a business while having a nice family life. It’s about cultivating and keeping key business relationships – ensuring that you are delivering on your promises – promises made to customers, to drivers, to freight agents – something that gives long term stability to a trucking business”

“But you know that if you put this all in place… it’s gonna save you lots of money, right sir?”

“For sure, Prab. I know it works. But I still want to play with my trucks on occasion, okay?”

“I totally understand sir. You can ‘take the man out of the truck’ but you can’t take ‘the truck out of the man.’”

“That is so profound Prab. Wow! By the way – why did you come to my office?”

“I wanted to know if I could borrow 10-bucks for lunch?”

“Sure, just grab one off the top of one of the piles of cash in my office here.”

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