Minding Your Own Falcon Business

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I know, I know… it’s a cheesy, headline-grabbing title for a blog.

But now that you found yourself here, you might as well stay for a bit…

Most of you may know by now that I am an ardent bird lover. Not sure why, it may be the fact that t sometimes when I dream, I dream about flying. We have a professional psychologist who works with us. She works with us, not ‘on’ us. So, I like to ask her these things. I have to manage her which I guess is akin to ‘reverse psychology’, but I can’t be sure about that. I never know what she is thinking, or analyzing, so I am constantly on guard.

“Do I sound too needy?”

 “Am I too distant with people?”

“Am I grabbing too attention? What is all this blogging saying about me?”

They say that the prehistoric ancestors of birds are the dinosaurs. So that lovely Blue Heron you see in the dyke stalking a fish has an ancestor that was once a Raptor – perhaps one that appeared in Stephen Spielberg’s, Jurassic Park. At least that is what the paleontologists are saying.

Come to think of it, no matter how old you are when you work in the field of paleontology you must always feel young? No?

Not sure why I love the birds but I have always loved the aviary that I live in called South Delta, British Columbia. It is home to an international bird flyway. We have a national park dedicated to birds and we have a bird sanctuary, and a bird rehabilitation and recovery society called O.W.L.

Our town is home to both a container port and over 50-types of birds. In fact, our city government produced a lovely brochure called appropriately enough ‘Birds in Delta’.

I gave a brochure to every one of my kids on my ‘Eagles’ atom hockey team. They thought it was a bit weird.

“Like, is he serious?’, I heard one kid say.

But I am serious because if I can save one kid from a bottle-flipping, head-dabbing, fidget-spinning, video-gaming existence, then my nature intervention will have been worth it.

Driving here this morning I saw a beautiful, magnificent Peregrine Falcon sitting on a fence post. Here is what the brochure says about the falcon.

Peregrine Falcon

The falcon’s long wings are sharply pointed in flight and its distinct dark moustache stands out against a whitish bib and dark grey upper parts. It dives at high speed to catch prey such as shorebirds. It is commonly seen August to mid-May.

I am not sure the falcons are attuned into the Julian calendar but it appears they like to get out of town when things get a bit too hot in summer.

This particular falcon was standing at the top of one of the fence posts on the edge of the farmer’s field looking down at the ground and the water canal below him. It was a bird’s eye view of everything. More appropriately It was a ‘falcon’s eye view’ of everything.

The falcon ain’t stupid. He sits up on the post because the vibrations from all the morning traffic on Highway 17 unsettles a lot of the rodents and rabbits that dot the area. And when the rumble and shaking gets too intense they come out of hiding the birds of prey strike. I sit on a chair to eat my breakfast. Falcon’s like fence posts… but they don’t get a morning paper.

As I continued on my way to work at my trucking software company this morning, my mind drifted from the birds to work related matters. But the metaphor of how trucking software and freight brokerage software can give our customers a ‘bird’s eye-view’ of their business was not lost on me.

When you run a business – especially a trucking business – you are immersed in the details. Details involving drivers, equipment, customers, routing, scheduling, invoicing and paying. You find that you not only have to work ‘IN’ the business, but now more so ‘ON’ the business. When you drove your own truck, you had a business no doubt, and it was a lot of work, but it’s a whole other thing to step it up a notch and start running a bunch of trucks and taking responsibility for more than just yourself.

I’d like to think that with all the data and details that our system captures, how it provides reports, that our customers gain insight into the operations of their business so that they can be more like that Peregrine Falcon sitting on the fence post this morning. You have a moment to pause and reflect and take a look at what’s all around you and what options you have for applying your time and energy. Where to strike!

If you see a good load, a good customer, or find a nice piece of equipment, or have the chance to recruit a good driver, you are ready to act.

And it’s a lot better than climbing of some hole and find yourself getting scooped up.

Yep – it’s good to mind your own falcon business I say.

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