Maximizing Truck Longevity: 3 Durable Features You Can’t Overlook

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If you’re going to take the time to invest in a truck, it has to be rugged, tough, and completely durable. It doesn’t really matter what type of truck you have, whether it’s a specialty truck, platform truck, or even a van, it’s important to make sure your vehicle will be able to withstand the heavy loads you intend to carry.

Having the right durable features will make your truck last much longer than a vehicle coming off of the factory floor. In fact, it might be necessary to have your truck customized in order to have the perfect design to withstand any beating you might throw at it during the workday.

With that said, we want you fully informed about the important durable features that’ll help to avoid bad transportation choices. So stick with us a little while longer to learn the truth.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Has a Strong Rear Frame

You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, right? It would be insane to build a commercial truck body without giving it a sturdy, solid rear frame. Without a strong frame, your truck could end up suffering from irreparable damage and your large investment will end up completely worthless, which is something you’d obviously rather avoid.

As an example, let’s say your driver has to back into more than 20 loading docks on an average day. If he or she has to bump into a loading dock driving a truck with a weak rear frame, it’s going to endure way too much damage. Your frame is going to take a beating every day, so it must be sturdy, strong, and designed to withstand a daily pounding.

So make sure the rear frame of your truck was specifically designed with taking a beating in mind. Make sure the manufacturers have thoroughly tested it and destroyed it numerous ways to learn how to make it stronger than ever.

Are Your Truck Doors Strong Enough to Withstand a Beating?

Oddly enough, you might not realize this but out of all the different parts of a truck, one of the areas that withstands the biggest beating and needs the most repairs is truck doors. The other is truck floors. These two have a tendency to experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear.

If your company transports heavy cargo, it will constantly bump up against your doors and damage them on a regular basis. This is especially true if the cargo is going to shift while it’s being transported. Your door is definitely at severe risk for damage if this is the case.

That’s why you have to buy a truck with strong doors that are built to last. If the truck you currently own doesn’t have strong doors, you may need a specialist to create customized ones to withstand the cargo constantly bumping into them while putting pressure on them. So look into durable truck doors sooner rather than later.

How Are Your Truck’s Floors?

Believe it or not, your truck floors are going to take the biggest pounding out of everything we’ve mentioned today. They will experience the most wear and tear because they have to support the most weight. Whether it’s people walking on the floors, cargo being stored on the floors, or anything else, they certainly have the toughest job of all.

Figure out a way to have your floors reinforced if they aren’t built to withstand a beating. Make sure they are thick enough to carry your heavy loads.


Please pay close attention to the information we shared today. If you focus on these three areas, you’ll certainly extend the durability and longevity of your truck.


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