Maslow’s Hierarchy of Business Needs

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Hierarchy of Needs Diagram of Human Motivation

You may be familiar with Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’.

And all of us – whether we know it or not – are involved in some way in climbing up his pyramid of needs.

Hierarchy of Needs Diagram of Human Motivation

It seems to me that the older I get the more I am seeking self-actualization. That is until I step out of bed in the morning a realize that my biggest issue is physiological. I need to stretch out my hip in order to take a few steps to the bathroom.

Once that is done, I walk gingerly down the hallway to the kitchen in the comfort and safety of my own home and greet and hug my children before they head out to school.

I then go to the office where staff, vendors, customers beat the crap out of my esteem to the point where I wonder if I will ever get a chance to self-actualize.

After realizing all that, I just go home to watch hockey.

While sitting there, I will read a bunch of Facebook posts from friends and family who say I shouldn’t care about bad things others say about me, but to be maintain a consistency of logic I can’t really care what they say either.  So, I just sit there.

I go to sleep and then try it again the next day.

You know, it feels like I have spent my life looking for just a little indentation, a small-wedge, or a little out-crop on the sides of Maslow’s pyramid, something that I can grab on to – with a toe, a fingernail – on my way towards the top.

In the bible Jacob had a ladder, but I think Maslow decided to make it a pyramid – just so I could either be trapped inside in some sarcophagus if I tried to make it from the inside, or keep sliding down the side if I tried it from the outside.

But I did realize a long time ago that Maslow used general labels for his tiers, and that I could actually re-label it for myself.

Mine looks like this.

  1. Fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 3am to an ‘all natural Viagra’ infomercial playing on the TV
  2. Let out the cat when she meows around 9pm
  3. Say hello to the lovely lady at Tim Horton’s when I get my coffee
  4. Drive to work and use my signal changer
  5. Get up and go pee

But enough about my ‘self- actualizing’ life.

Working as I do at Tailwind Transportation Software, it does strike me that our trucking software business has been constructed in order to help a trucking company and/or a freight brokerage business climb its way up Maslow’s Pyramid to self actualization. It’s Maslow’s Business Needs Hierarchy.

Its basic construct is to automate all sorts of activities in order to give the business that ability to spend more of its time and resources on the ‘higher value’ things.

Something akin to this.


Centralized database and repository on the business – trucks, trailers, drivers, equipment, customers, carriers, agents.


Insurance and alerts about expiring CDL and insurance coverage.

Tracking on driver safety and performance

Love and Belonging

Collaboration tool – notes and tasks about orders and loads for colleagues and coworkers

Email and texting out of the system to customers, drivers, and carriers.

POD Complete where you can upload pictures of PODs from driver smartphones directly into the Tailwind system – great for invoicing more quickly.

Ability to pay drivers and let them track their pay so they want to come back and do it again.

Keeping track of customers and their information so you can service them well.

Customer Portal and Carrier Portal to better serve customers and save you time.


Building a business, creating a brand- finding a way of doing business that you can be proud of. Delivering on your commitments and creating such a reputation that other people – drivers, customers, partners – all want to be connected with you in some way.


Building a business with such integrity, inspiring people with such passion that it can even run while you are away on vacation. A business that and can be passed on to family – or sold to others –a legacy of your work that you can leave behind as you move on to even greater things.

Like staying up late and collapsing on your couch, squashing your channel changer, drooling on the cushion… and waking up to an infomercial that will help you achieve…er…. greater heights in your life?



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