‘Major Tom’ Trucking

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Hey Man, it was great to lay awake at night in my darkened room to listening to my green leather encased transistor radio. (I was a teen in the 70’s, please have pity on me.)

I would lie awake at night and dream about what could be. For me, it was the dream of becoming a professional hockey player. Despite my successful early years in the sport, I soon realized that while my mind for the game was strong, it was not so much the case with my skating stride, my stick handling skills and the speed of my shot. Not quite up to the level that would take me to ‘the show’ – the show where there was all that money and Fame.

Sometimes, do you ever wonder why you do what you do?

Did you ever really dream about running a trucking business? Or a brokerage business? Or god forbid, a software company?

Did you think that the things you learned as a youngster would take you in the direction that your life took?

Running a trucking business can be tough. At times, you must wonder why the heck you decided to do it in the first place – demanding customers, overbearing regulators, staff issues, finding good drivers, ensuring you get your invoices out on time. You just hope you can find a good trucking software solution that will help you do all the things you need to do in order to get through another day…another week …another month.

Some days, you may feel that you are sitting in a tin can, far above the world, planet Earth is blue …but there is nothing you can do. At times, you feel 100,000 miles away and you just hope that your spaceship knows where it needs to go. You are just hoping that as you float through this universe of confusion, that somewhere, some place there is a Ground Control – some place where someone is working with your brokerage software or trucking software making sense of it all for you as the owner.

‘This is Ground Control to Major Tom. Can you hear me Major Tom?

‘I can!’

‘We need you to sign some checks!’

You have really made the grade by making a profit and you wonder what it’s like outside the capsule of this business you built. You have set the direction, hired people, built the systems, put in a trucking software system that leaves a legacy beyond your time in the business. You were simply a young American, a young American, trying to find your way in the world.

And when you want to spend some time on yourself for a change, you take your protein pills and put your helmet on. You step through the door of your capsule and you are now floating in a most peculiar way…

and the stars look very different today. 

You didn’t seek the FAME, so much as shoot for the stars. And you did it on your own terms.

‘This is Ground Control. This is Ground Control…’

‘Can you hear me Major Tom?’

‘Can you hear me Major Tom?’

‘Check ignition and may God’s love be with you.’

David Bowie
b. January 8, 1947
d. January 10, 2016

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