Macropoint Integration and Tracking - Tailwind TMS help video

MacroPoint and FMCSA Look-up features now available in Tailwind

At Tailwind, our mission is to be the WIND at the back of your freight business.

We talk to our customers to find out what new features they need to run their businesses more effectively

We scan the market to find leading technologies to integrate with so we can make Tailwind the transportation software ‘hub’ where all the information you need to run your business flows into.

So after speaking with customers and scanning the transportation technology landscape – and then doing a bit of development work – today Tailwind is excited to announce the release of two new features that will help Tailwind users run their businesses better, and hopefully make their lives just a little bit easier.


MacroPoint provides shippers, carriers and brokers with real-time freight visibility; allowing them to track the status of freight being moved by their own drivers or third-party carriers without the need for proprietary hardware. By having a driver sign-in via their smartphone application, MacroPoint can provide tracking information, alerts and notifications, and POD capture.

Here’s a video and article on how MacroPoint works within Tailwind

FMCSA Look-up

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) monitors and ensures compliance with motor carrier safety and commercial regulations. It’s a central repository for any inspections, incidence reports, registration and certification information concerning any carrier operating anywhere in North America – which makes it an invaluable resource for brokers looking to vet prospective carriers.

Tailwind now allows you to access the FMCSA information for any carrier (provided you have included their MC and DOT numbers in the Vendor record). This allows you to easily check the insurance coverage, inspection records, cargo certifications, and safety rating for a carrier before hiring them — or compare the same information across several carriers who might be bidding on the same load.

You can learn more about the FMCSA Look-up tool in Tailwind here

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