Life is a Highway

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“Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” – Tom Cochrane

Or ride it at least until the mandatory sleep and rest provisions check in!
This morning, as I write my blog, I am grooving to the tunes of Tom Cochrane. Enjoying his biggest hit song, “Life is a Highway.” Released in 1992, I am now recalling moments from my younger adult days –  those great winter weekends, sitting at Longhorn’s, a rockin’ great bar at the bottom of Whistler Mountain Ski Resort, in Whistler BC.

‘If you’re  goin’ my way…I want to drive it all night long.’’

Everyone hoisting their mugs of beer and singing the chorus together, “Life is a Highway,” drinking pretty much with abandon after a great day of spring skiing. Enjoying another day or high living in the great pacific Northwest.

One line in the song especially stood out to us. It said to us that this is “our song,” spoke to the reality of what it meant to be living a life that was moving ever faster in a pacific boomtown – capturing the ‘zeitgeist’ of the moment.

“From Mozambique to those Memphis Nights, the Khyber pass to Vancouver’s Lights.”

We were filled with ambition, working hard during the week, and playing harder on the weekends in one of the worlds’ greatest winter playgrounds, just two hours north of Vancouver. Two great cities connected by the Sea to Sky Highway, one of the world’s most beautiful highways that hugged the Pacific Ocean providing breathtaking vistas of the ocean and glaciers along the way. We had the world by the tail, or so we thought at the time. A time before three kids, a van, a mortgage, and early Saturday morning hockey practices would catch up with you.

In your life, and in your business, you will travel to many places –  both geographically and emotionally.

There will be bumps in the road no doubt, a few potholes here and there, and, of course, a few dead ends. But then, you pick yourself back up and continue down that road once again.

 “Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand. Sometimes you turn your back to the wind.”

Yes, in this business you got to deliver that load to your destination. Your dispatch software printed out a BOL that told you where what you were picking up, where you were going, and when you had to get it there. Your routing and mileage tracking software told you the most optimal route to travel. And while it probably didn’t include stops in Mozambique or the Khyber Pass, you had a general sense of where you were going and how you might get there.

But in between there is the journey, something that could be seen as arduous, something to be endured between the two points of geography where the ‘highway starts’ and the “highway ends.”

“Through all these cities and all these towns
There’s no load I can’t hold 
Road so rough this I know
I’ll be there when the light comes in
Just tell them we’re survivors”

Sometimes, you might be so consumed by all the demands, and the requirements, all the details of your loads, your trips, of your overall business that you just might forget to enjoy the journey itself.

You just might forget to smell the ocean as you leave Vancouver, the fresh evergreens forests of Washington State, see the big sky in Montana, or the cornfields of Nebraska, or the Ozarks of Missouri, and of course hearing the great music of Tennessee.

You can ski in Vancouver and go walking in Memphis – and you can also enjoy the journey there and back because today as you go about your work brother you need to know just one thing…

‘Life is a Highway. You ride it your way, I’ll ride it my way. 
‘And if you’re going my way I want to ride it all night long’
‘Life is a Highway
‘Life is a Highway 
‘Life is Highway ..

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