“Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Hands Upon the Wheel”

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With this lyric running my head, the song by the Doors’ Jim Morrison – I get back from my vacation – enjoying a much needed respite.

I get back in the office readying myself to work again.

Able to get back to my duties after 18 days away and execute relatively well – doing the marketing and selling stuff that is required of me.

Sometimes you get back from work and you feel you have to figure everything out again (at the very least, you have to work on remembering your passwords after the fog of the holidays).

I market and sell software. Software is at its core a way of defining process and creating behavior change for people. It’s designed to make things simpler for people to go about their work and the lives.

I was happy today to pick up very much where I left off without too much of a hitch. It told me that the systems and processes that we built in our business had some legacy – well, at least over an 18 day period. It was like the highway that is laid out before you. It doesn’t drive your truck, you have to drive it yourself, but it gives you a fairly defined way of getting to your destination.

Trucking software and Freight Brokerage software isn’t going to run your business for you. I often get calls from customers who ask if we can give them a set of customers and loads. Unfortunately, business isn’t that easy. Running your own business is much, much more than just showing up to pick up the load and delivering it.

However, Trucking Software and Freight Broker software does give you the highway down which you can drive your truck. It gives you a set of systems and processes that you can use to run your business. It gives you a short cut (who doesn’t want a shortcut?) that you can tap into the wit and wisdom of 20 years of collective insight and experience into the trucking industry.

With trucking software and freight broker software, you have the highway laid out before you. Where you go, when you go, and how you get there is pretty well much left to you.

Let it Roll Baby Roll

Let it Roll Baby Roll

 Let it Roll Baby Roll 

Let it Roll………………All Night Long …………or at least until you take your HOS compliancy rest!

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