When you just know you are in the Zone!

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Air Monarch Nike shoes

I had just put my pants on, tucked in my shirt and did up my belt.

I reached down – man, those ‘reaches’ are getting more difficult – I reached down to grab my new black running shoes.

Ah… those babies looked so-o-o-o good.

I read the label at the top of the tongue.

‘Air Monarch’

Wow – I am an ‘Air Monarch’. Yep, and I got me my very own ‘Air Monarchs’!

Yes – when you are 56 years-old and run a small tech company, you have those days where you just can’t wait to get to work. Visitors are inquiring, customers are buying, and the product is getting better and better each day. Selling web-based trucking software and freight broker software is like selling ‘hotcakes’ these days. So it’s like you are in the zone.

And when I put on my ‘Air Monarchs’ I feel so ‘in the zone’.

I always wanted a pair of Air Monarchs. I was worried coming to work today – wondering what the other colleagues at work would say about them. There are reports that some of the guys who took their Air Monarchs had run into a gang from the accounting department – this gang roughed them up, and stole their shoes. Heck, I remember reading that someone once lost their life in a battle over their Air Monarchs outside of work, on their way home no less.

Not sure what’s in the ‘Air Monarch’ name or why they are so popular with the Over 50 set. Maybe it’s the connotation of something ‘regal’… something princely. Or perhaps its transformational… a Monarch Butterfly perhaps. Something ‘chrysalis-like’- how a company changes itself from being a caterpillar into a butterfly as its starts to break free and flies as it was meant to be.

Or perhaps they just named it after some fat king – like Henry VIII – someone surely who could have benefited with a wide-soled shoe with extra suspension. Something that helped him with all that extra weight he was carrying, not to mention all of his hard work trying to avoid paying alimony.

I came to work and now I am blogging like mad about our new web-based trucking software while listening to YouTube – listening to another one of the latest hits by Rod Stewart – ‘Young Turks’ video. That hair was so, so good. All the while I am keeping the beat with my feet and I look down to see my Air Monarchs tapping on the gray & blue non-descript office carpet.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

This day is just a total slam dunk!!!

I am JUST Doing it, dude!

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