I’m Not a Blogger, I’m a Trucking Software Kind of Gal

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A blog, they asked…Can you please write a blog.  I know nothing about blogging.  I am a trainer and a customer service gal that just wants to help her clients implement and use a good dispatch software program. Having spent my entire career in transportation, working as a dispatcher, compliance officer, operations manager, and finally, a controller, gave me no knowledge of blogging. I have lots of good information and knowledge of the transportation industry that I pass on to my clients on a daily basis…but blogging? Truckers don’t blog, dispatchers don’t blog; but alas, I now find myself working for the best supplier of dispatch trucking software and working with bright young minds that write code and support our clients, and they all blog.

What good will a blog do, I ask. Well, it will apparently bring trucking companies and freight brokerage companies to our website when they are looking for a dispatch software solution. Now this I can understand. If I had my way, every trucking company and freight brokerage outfit would be using Tailwind Dispatch Software. This is the software I support and train people in the transportation industry to use on a daily basis. I love working with our clients and seeing the “AHA” moments happen for them when they start to realize just how valuable our transportation software will become to their company.

Once they start using Tailwind Dispatch Software, they quickly learn that gone are the days of struggling with spreadsheets, writing on white boards, and losing track of the load they are moving for their best client. Gone are the days of file drawers upon file drawers of safety compliance documents, because the Tailwind Dispatch Software will not only keep track of your orders and pay your drivers and owner operators, it will keep you compliant with the ICC, DOT and NSC. We all know we want to keep those governing bodies happy. And gone are the days of trip envelopes and odometer readings because Tailwind Dispatch Software can also keep track of all your jurisdictional miles and fuel purchased creating comprehensive IFTA reports. And don’t forget about the great way Tailwind Dispatch Software can organize your admin functions like invoicing and managing your Accounts Receivable.

The transportation industry is an industry where you don’t get to “plan” your day. Dispatchers, order entry personnel, and admin personnel typically spend their days reacting to phone calls. A call from a customer looking for an update on a load you are moving, a call from a trucking company telling you their truck is broke down that has a load on for one of your clients, a call from the dock that the container won’t be released until next week. The need to react to these phone calls quickly is paramount. Tailwind Dispatch Software allows you to find the data you are looking for with ease, allowing you to respond to those numerous calls with the answers your customers and partners are looking for.

Now, after spending 40 years in this industry answering all those phone calls and questions, and working with multiple different dispatch software programs, I get to work with the best. While using Tailwind Dispatch Software at a few companies, I learned first hand just how great the dispatch software actually is. And when the opportunity came along for me to work for Tailwind, I leapt at the chance. Who wouldn’t want to work for the “BEST”?

But blogging…no, I am not a blogger. I just want to help those clients who can see the value in our dispatch software, and I just want to continue to see those “AHA” moments with them. I build relationships with our clients, not blogs. I am here to help you be as successful as possible with a very powerful dispatch software program.

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