“I See for Miles and Miles”

Before I went on vacation, all I could handle were those things set immediately before me. I could only look down –rarely raising my head to look up. I couldn’t see past the mire and mess on my desk as I tried to cope with 10 months of hard work with no vacation.

As I return from an 18 day vacation (or more like a recovery period), I am able to look further afield and think of the things I want to accomplish over the next few months. I have that famous song by ‘The Who’ running through my head.

You can get that way in business. You are just looking at the road immediately ahead, coping with the day to day of your business but not advancing in any way. You might as well be using a compass as you navigate your way to deliver that load of goods for your customer.

But like all good freight transportation companies, you should have a plan – a route that you will follow in order to get to the right destination.

So as we make the turn out of our summer slumber, get back from our summer vacations – and after you have had some time to yourself – you as the owner of a Freight Brokerage or a small trucking business may be asking yourself…

What is my destination? What do I want to get done over the course of the next few months or the next year?

Which pathway, which highways are you going to travel to get there? Or is it going to be the ‘same old-same old’ – just looking at the road ahead and wondering what’s around the next curve?

Perhaps it’s a commitment to making a sustainable and significant change to your business – investing in some new technology – perhaps trucking software or freight brokerage software– that will give you a platform for systematic management and improvement of your business.

I find that most technology companies get busy as people come back from their summer and Christmas vacations. I attribute to the fact that many customers find that, with some time away from the business, they think about doing something different, something better with their business.

Hopefully you make the necessary changes in your business – one’s that will lead you to success – so that, just like me, you can get back to your desk with the song ringing in your head.

‘I can see for miles and miles…and miles and miles………..and miles………..oh yah.’