How Are We Runnin’?

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Tailwind TMS Results of using the software

As any professional trucker knows, it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road and anticipate the traffic ahead.

But you do have to glance at your dashboard from time to time, in order to see how your truck is operating – how it’s running – as it heads down the highway.

Speedometer and fuel gauge are essential – and engine RPM is important as well. Not to forget oil and temperature gauges and, of course, the warning lights for water levels, oil levels, air and vacuum. You have to monitor the fluid levels too in order to keep the vehicle in optimal operating condition.

Checking in on these gauges lets you know how the truck is doing – how you are doing. Because there are a number of things you can’t get a feel for when you are driving the vehicle, when its in motion. You have a good sense of speed, acceleration or deceleration. as you shift gears or apply the brakes – but for some of these other measures, it’s nice to have a dashboard giving you the extra feedback.

But let’s say you run a software company – say a web-based, transportation management software company for instance? (I know one quite well.) One that supplies software to trucking companies, and 3PL companies.

How do you monitor what’s going on in a business like that? What does that dashboard look like?

The Survey

Yes, we do get feedback from our customers each and every day through our ‘in-app’ chat, through email, through phone calls to our Support team – we get a feel for how things are going. It’s our ‘speedometer’, our fuel gauge that let’s us know when we need to speed up, or slow down, or to add more fuel to the tank. (Well, we are always filling up our tank – 200 improvements to our application last year alone!)

But recently, we wanted to check our fluid levels. We wanted to find out how the Tailwind application – our Online web software – was performing for you – our customers. How you felt about the new Tailwind online Software-as-a-Service system

So, we did the obvious thing, and decided to ask.

Late in 2018, we sent out our inaugural 30 second (we know you are busy) online survey that asked you to respond to 6 statements/questions:

  1. By using Tailwind, I feel that I have REDUCED MY PAPERWORK by x %
  2. By using Tailwind, I feel that I have GROWN my business by x%
  3. By using Tailwind, I feel that business is this much MORE ORGANIZED
  4. By using Tailwind, I feel that I’ve become this much MORE EFFICIENT in the OPERATIONS side of my business
  5. By using Tailwind, I feel that I ‘ve become this much MORE EFFICIENT in the ADMINISTRATION side of my business
  6. How likely are you to recommend Tailwind to a friend or acquaintances on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being very likely?

And we were surprised by both by the volume and speed of your responses. (Heck, we know how busy you are.)

The Results

According to our survey,

  • 85% of our respondents felt that they reduced paperwork by 25% or more;
  • 84% felt that they improved Operation AND Administrative efficiency 50% or more;
  • 88% felt that they had become over 50% more organized;

And 61% felt that they had grown their business by more than 25% using Tailwind.

On top of those responses, the average on the last question was 4.3 – ‘more than likely’ and moving towards ‘very likely’ to recommend Tailwind to a friend.

In addition to these responses we also received dozens of more detailed suggestions and responses about our application and business. We valued all of them – even the ones where we didn’t quite hit the mark for some customers. It’s impossible to please everyone with what you are doing, but we also realize that not every business – well, not every truck is running down the highway in optimal running order, and that includes ours. You have to work on maintaining a vehicle and building a trucking business, and it’s no different for a software business.

So, first of all we’d like to thank all of you who took the time to give us feedback – to let us know how Tailwind is impacting your business.

We like to think that we are rolling down that long highway with you and that in order to stay on the road, we need the right gauges – and those gauges are you. Yes, we know that there are some rumble strips, and the odd speed bump, but we also know that that is the very reason we have jobs. We come to work each day hoping to improve our application.

And we can commit to you that in the months and years ahead we are going to continue to reach out to in order to make sure we are providing you with a relevant and effective application. One that can help you achieve the goals and objectives for your business. We know that checking in regularly will help us avoid any sharp curves, potholes, or dead ends in the road ahead.

Heck, maybe we can turn the satellite radio up a bit – and enjoy this ride with you on the odd stretch.

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