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You used to call me on my cell phone, late at night, when I need your…


From freight brokers to carriers, everyone is wanting their phone to ring. They want to fill their trucks steadily all year. They want a steady stream of reliable vendors and customers to fill their phone lines, and trucks with business.

You want the satisfaction of being so confident you can think to yourself “I know when that hotline ring, it can only mean one thing”…

Business. Reliable, uninhibited, streaming business. The business which allows your company to thrive. This is easier said than done.

How do we fill our trucks?

How do we find trucks to move our freight?

These are the most common questions for new carriers, and brokers. In addition to utilizing a load board site for advertising (more on this in another blog, but click the hyperlinks for a list), you need;

Transportation software, and freight brokerage software. Regard these as an invaluable tool to thrive in the industry!

Of course, anyone new to the industry will convince themselves they are just fine with their spread sheets, and white boards. They want to keep their learning to a minimum, for starting a business can be overwhelming. Let’s not get carried away with tracking, and simplifying business processes right out of the gate right?


As a carrier or broker, you’ll have everyone asking, “Where is my freight!? Where are my trucks!? When can I expect X,Y,Z!?”

If you haven’t tracked your information properly, if you can’t reference your order history, present loads with confidence, you’ll notice that ever since your truck left the city… YOU,

Got a reputation for yourself now.

The reputation will be an unreliable one at best.

Fast forward 5 even 10 years. Where do you see your business then? Think long and hard about this… Would it be easier to implement processes and upload data from years ago, think about the time it would take you and anyone else involved in your business (your employees, the employees of any other providers you’re involved with, time is money friend) or, would it make sense for you to create the success and streamlined processes to get you where you want to be from the beginning? What do you think would cost you less in the long run?

Select a logistics solution for your business. Allow yourself the confidence of knowing your orders have a dispatch solution.

Consider the people who work behind the solution. They have the knowledge and will offer you the tools needed to learn the software for transportation, or 3rd party logistics software. Their knowledge is your partner in learning, enabling you to tailor the software to your needs.

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