“Hey, Hey, You, You…Get onto My Cloud!”

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‘Please allow me to introduce myself.
I’m a man with a whole new game.
I’ve been around for some long, long years
When the products all just seemed the same
Pleased to meet you, tell me your group’s name
Tell me what’s fussin’ you
And I be tellin’ you ‘bout my-new game’Just maybe you can’t get no satisfaction. And maybe you tried and you tried and you tried…You probably got frustrated by having to invest all that money up front, not having the chance to work with the application, or the suppliers’ staff beforehand, no chance to see if it’s truly a fit, before you had to buy the whole thing. And you tried and you tried, but still you can’t get no satisfaction.

Right now, maybe you are more of your Mother’s Little Helper, driving the truck while she does all the administration but you know that someday you are going to have to do the administration yourself. Or perhaps you think you can find some lucky girl, say Angie, and marry her – and she will do all the work for you.

Yes, right now, Time is on Your Side – yes it is – but some day you may want to sell the business. Having softwarein place that records all the details of your business can be a valuable asset to pass along to the next generation.

But if you want to get something meaningful, something of true value for your business like trucking software, you are going to invest some money into the technology. It’s not like it’s free. And While You Can’t Always Get What You Want…if you try sometimes, if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get the trucking software that you need.

You could always try trucking software on a rental basis – say Software as a Service – Let’s Spend the Month together – especially now, if you need it more than ever.

Just reach out to your local software SaaS provider and say ‘Start Me Up’…’Start Me Up’…you’ll never stop. Perhaps you had a bad experience previously and it made a Grown Man cry, but don’t let that stop you.

And then one day your business is going to grow and you will have a great number of Beasts of Burden, your Rolling Rigs out on the road – offering your ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ service…and it’s such a gas that you’re your online software service provider is able to connect you to a fuel card provider. And if you weren’t there your customers they sure as heck are going to Miss You.

But if you are going to grow…invest in a trucking software cloud service ….so you make lots of money –  Paint it Black, brother, Paint it Black.

And do it before your business gets Sh – sh-sh -shattered for heaven’s sake. Do it before you have to call on some Honky Tonk Woman to come to your Emotional Rescue…again, for the third time.

Hey, hey, you, you …Get onto My Cloud!

(Do it now…Wild Horses won’t drag you away)

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