Hard to Grab Onto

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Holding water in cupped hands

It’s quite hard to grab a handful of it.

It slips from your hands and runs through your fingers as you bring it up to your mouth to take a sip.

It seems incongruous to have grabbed such a big handful, only to find that by the time it reaches its destination there is hardly anything left. You can’t take a big gulp. You just get a few sips. And you remain thirsty. So you quickly thrust your hand into the water trying to grab it more quickly, and bring more and more to your mouth. Eventually you will satisfy your thirst, but man, all that work just to get a mouthful?

The trucking and logistics industry is a demanding and competitive industry. There is so much freight out there. And everything is constantly moving. Your drivers are moving, the trucks and trailers are moving, the loads are moving – j-u-s-t when you thought you had one. The whole industry is constantly on the move.

Like the water that flows down the river, freight, and the drivers and equipment that move it, are flowing around the road tributaries of our nation. And like a river rife with obstacles causing the ebbs and eddies of reverse current along the way, freight companies deal with the inevitable challenges of keeping momentum in their business – finding new customers, replacing customers, finding and replacing drivers, managing audits. This industry is not a smooth flowing river, but a wide and expansive one that is always flowing. Flowing to the same place as a river – to the ocean and to the ships at the coast.

There is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the industry. It such a large, growing and inestimable beast that it’s difficult to wrap your arms around it or understand what it looks like. You are standing on the shore watching it go by – and one day perhaps you decided to jump into it.

You start your own brokerage, or decide to put your name on a new trucking business as you and your brother decide to strike out on your own. You now have your family name on the business. But driving a truck, or being a broker, is an entirely different experience than running your own business – running your own truck company or running your own brokerage.

You need to get customers, buy or lease assets, recruit drivers, owner-ops, carriers. You have to dispatch and deliver the loads. You have to invoice and you have to pay the people who drove and delivered. Essentially you have to manage all the ebbs and eddies in the river of freight going through your business while making sure you play by the rules – at least showing that you are playing by the rules.

So I can imagine that when you are sitting in your office doing all of this paperwork trying to figure out if your trucking company is actually making money, that you must feel that you are squatting on some riverbank, cupping your hand in the water – trying to eke out a profit from all this effort. Hoping that after all of this paperwork you get to a profitable number, and worrying that all this work is akin to the water that seems to slip between your fingers or off the edges of your hand as you raise it to your mouth.

So you have a choice. You can either scoop your hands more quickly, working harder and harder for a subsistence living, spending more time squatting at the riverbank taking drinks, OR you can simply go get a CUP.

A cup. A container with the ability to scoop out water quickly and firmly. A full cup that will quench your thirst and let you move on with your day.

Trucking software and freight brokerage software can do just that. In the great river of freight running through your business it can be that proverbial cup that helps you organize all your people, all your efforts, all your equipment, all your dispatches, invoices, payments all into one place. So you know its volume. You know how full it is and you know just how much more you can take before the cup overflows.

Yes, the freight industry, like the water in a river, is difficult to grab onto, but it sure helps when you have a cup in your hand that you can get a big long cool drink from – especially when you have worked so hard for it.

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