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Ghost writer


“Brad, come in here”

“Okay… what’s up Boss?”

“Got it!”

“Got what?”

“The next breakthrough in our marketing efforts.”

“Sounds good… what is it?”


“Yep – ready as I will ever be…”

“Okay – okay- I am going to ghost write a book. We can use it to promote the business.”

“Ghost write?”

“Yes – ghost write. You know, like how John Kennedy raised his brand when he was running for the Presidency with a book called ‘Profiles in Courage’. Or Donald Trump with the ‘Art of the Deal’. And, of course, the Bible?”

“The bible was ghost written?”

“Yep. It’s the word of God right? While a lot of it was written by famous theologians a lot was written by guys they can’t find now. Like some think King James is still alive and living in Cleveland… but they are sadly mistaken”

“Well, I never thought of it that way.”

“Yes – innovative eh?”

“But didn’t Kennedy and Trump have their books written by someone else… someone who was not mentioned up front. Presented more like a collaboration? There is usually a line like ‘In collaboration with Ernest Hemingway,’ or something to that effect.”

“Yes, that’s the beauty of this, Brad. I can ghost write my own book. ‘Insights of a Transportation Technology Leader’ by Murray Pratt. Written in collaboration with M. J. Pratt.”

“Don’t you think people will sort of figure that out?”

“Well, not exactly. Some could think it was my mom. My mom used to type my university papers you know. I owe her a lot.”

“Are you really going to call it ‘Insights for a Transportation Technology Leader?’”

“No, not really. I was thinking of something like ‘The Art of the Wheel’ or ‘Profiles in Demurrage’… something a bit edgy and catchy. Hey by the way… show me your socks – what color are you wearing today?”

“Purple striped – they look good, eh? But let’s get back to the book idea again. You have already come to me with that digital sandwich board idea with the product shot screens in a continuous loop, and the ‘Sham Wow’ infomercial idea, and not to forget your ‘ Supper Bowl’ ad – I am not sure that our audience is all on Facebook watching those super-duper fast recipe vignettes though…”

“…But this is different, Brad. Some of our customers may be getting tired of all those tweets – tweets are like email ‘appies’ – tasty but not quite filling. Some of them might want some more in depth insight into the issues facing the freight technology industry – how the future might look, what they should be thinking about, what they are searching for in good trucking software or good freight brokerage software. Something meatier.”

“I am not sure they have the time to read a book though.”


“Well, they are all pretty busy. Running their own business, pleasing customers. Responding to regulators. Paying drivers. Where will they find the time?”

“Well, that’s why it needs to be entertaining, Brad. I mean the biggest sin of the trucking industry – well the trucking software industry – is just how BORING it all is. I mean it’s a tough gig out there no doubt, there is a lot to take seriously… but seriously, you can have a lot of fun. It’s not like I am going to slap together a bunch crazy, inane blogs with half-baked ideas and put them into some digital book, right?”

“I thought that was exactly what you were going to do?”

“Hmm. It was my ghost writer’s idea actually”

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