Getting Out of Excel Hell

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“We are in Excel hell” said one exasperated caller.

The business was enjoying success, starting out with a couple of trucks and adding 5 more in the past year. It was running more freight to more locations and now it wasn’t just the two brothers anymore, but now it was dealing with 5 more owner-operator truckers added to the mix.

His late teen son joined the trucking business and was finding new business for him on the phone. His wife was now doing ‘the books,’ or at least trying to do the books for the business, as she worked diligently to collect receivables from some large customers who were demanding ‘Proof of Deliveries’ attached to every invoice and striving to keep the new owner operator truckers happy and loyal as they got their commissions on their loads.

Every business hits a tipping point, the point where the current system – a combination manual recording and Excel sheets – becomes so complex that some leaks start to occur. Invoices are not issued, drivers wanting to be paid and wondering if the business, while growing, is actually making money.

Tailwind Express was developed for these types of trucking businesses.You don’t have the resources to get the new servers and computers. You don’t have time to install a new system and go through all the learning before it starts to help the company.

Tailwind Express for Carriers and Tailwind Express for Freight Brokers gets companies up and running quickly. Located in the ‘Cloud,’ it gives companies the opportunity to address their growth problems quickly with a solution that is

  • Online – saving you upfront capital investment and allowing you to access the system from a variety of  locations – at home, at work or ‘on the road.
  • Comprehensive – with a combined Operational and Financial system that puts your data ‘all in one place,’ reduces duplicate entry, and builds a database asset for your business replete with customer, carrier and equipment database with detailed history on Orders and Quotes.
  • Affordable – attuned to your cash flow needs, offering you the ability to rent/lease the software on a month –to- month basis.

While it can’t be certain that you will reach heaven with Tailwind Express, at least we can get you out of Excel Hell.

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