“Forgive Me, I AM a Salesman”

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“Hi, my name is Murray, and I am a salesman.”

“HI Murray!”

“I feel a little nervous getting up here in front of Sales Anonymous. I SELL for a living. Last week I went on a total ‘sales bender,’ fell off the ‘closing wagon.’ Started cold calling early in the morning, got to my leads within 5 minutes of them arriving, created quotes and more quotes, and followed-up, followed-up, followed- up.”

“We hear you brother, we know of your pain.”

“It started at a young age. Every Hallowe’en, I would persuade my little brother to take those awful tasting caramel candies in exchange for the big rock candy rolls. In high school, I started re-selling tickets to the school dances, which were never really sold out. And then, after graduation, I heard about this new thing called Freight Brokering.”

“We have travelled the same journey brother.”

“Yes, there are the ‘12 Steps of Sales Anonymous,’ but all of my life I have been intoxicated by the            ‘7 Steps to the Sale.’ I learned it from a veteran at another Brokerage who told me that if I followed a standardized sales process, I could find a way to improve my performance over and over again. He told me that with a defined sales process, I would know how to move with my customers to a mutually beneficial conclusion more quickly…and well…well, it sort of got a hold of me.

“Hallelujah Brother, we are with you in this journey my friend, and so is your customer it seems!”

“I have to tell you that I tried and I tried. At first, I went to a company where they called us ‘Sales Counselors’ – but I didn’t want to be a psychologist. I just couldn’t help myself, I just had to sell. Then, I joined another company that called their people ‘Sales Consultants,’ but I didn’t want to talk to people endlessly, I wanted to accomplish something. Then, I joined another company who called us ‘Sales Advisors,’ but I didn’t want to stand at the sidelines and watch my customer stumble along. I wanted to offer my insight and knowledge actively in a process so that we could move together in a trusting manner.”

“Have faith brother, that which doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.”

So today, here in front of all of you. I am here to admit it. I AM A SALESMAN. I need to find a way to overcome this terrible situation that I find myself in. I feel that it is an affliction that I have beset upon myself. I am wanting to change my life in a fundamental way so that I don’t continue to be one of the best Freight Brokers in the industry. Otherwise, I simply cannot go on.”

“Brother, we are here for you. Don’t despair, you are here with people who love you, who care for you. All of us, fellow SALESPEOPLE, who know what it’s like to journey to the depths of despair, to question the very essence of their being. You are ready brother, you are ready my friend. All you have to do, my brother, is to commit to following the 12 Steps of Sales Anonymous!”

“Ah…could we shorten it to 7?”

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