Fly Like an Eagle

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Today, as you are going about your work – moving at full throttle, finding deals, dispatching trucks, answering calls, sending out invoices, explaining settlements to drivers you wonder how you can continue to live Life in the Fast Lane, worrying that you will lose your mind.

You wonder if tomorrow that you will have enough energy to run this whole gig – the 15 staff, the 35 trucks, the hundreds of customers and the thousands of loads. As you get up in the morning, you wonder if you can Take it to the Limit one more time.

And you many have a Heartache Tonight I know, cause it all didn’t go the way that you wanted it to. You will wonder if your life will be nothing more than living like a Desperado. But tomorrow, it’s another Tequila Sunrise and your customer knows that you won’t let them down, because despite the situation you find yourself in, you will persevere.

So as it all closes in on you at the end of your days, you will be happy that you did everything in your work and in your life with rhythm, with passion, and with the Best of Your Love.

And in those final moments as you lay in the twilight of your life, in your own Hotel California, looking up at those mirrors on the ceiling and the pink champagne on ice, you find that you are no longer a prisoner of your own device. There are no more beasts to kill with those steely knives; because you not only did you have a Long Run, but you had a good run.

And as you relax and look back on what you contributed, the course that you followed, the difference that you made in people’s live – your customers, your staff, your family – you can smile and enjoy that Peaceful Easy Feeling that comes from knowing that at one time, you flew like and EAGLE!

Rest In Peace Glenn Frey
b. November 6, 1948
d. January 18, 2016

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