Duplicate Data in a Trucking Business

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One of the biggest frustrations in a small to medium sized trucking company is having the resources necessary to run the business – finding loads, dispatching trucks – and also completing the paperwork and administration of the business.

There is paperwork needed for IFTA, for compliance audits, Load Confirmations – and Invoicing customers and paying drivers.

For many, it seems that you are moving the same data across disparate systems – entering it over and over again.

To solve the issue, small to medium sized trucking companies need to find integrated systems – one’s that have built a bridge between traditional Dispatch Trucking software and Accounting & Administration software.

Managing loads and ensuring that all the associated charges – driver pay, fuel surcharges, additional fees for lumper or tarping – all of that needs to be tracked – AND invoiced – AND paid!

Moving the data between endless Excel sheets just doesn’t do when you are running an operation of 3 or more trucks. You can end up spending more time entering data, rather than doing what you should be doing – finding loads efficiently, dispatching effectively, invoicing quickly – all to improve your volumes and cash flow.

It’s only a combination Trucking software and Accounting software that can do it for you – an ‘all in one’ system that connects your customers and vendors with your invoicing and payments.

No need to duplicate your work, you have more than enough already!

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