Dispatch Software Reduces Radiation Exposure

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Recently, more and more research is being done on radiation and its harmful effects. Even though technology has been constantly developing and advancing for quite some time now, the side effects have only been looked into recently. The awful side effects of cell phone and other electronic device use have been released to the public.

However, while using electronics these severe side effects generally slip people’s minds and are not given the amount of attention that they should be. A part of the reason why this happens might be because radiation is something that cannot be visually seen by us. Thus, making it much more easily ignorable by us and usually most of us are visual learners which doesn’t help the situation. Also, technology is all around us and has made itself become a part of our everyday lives. Nevertheless, radiation is a topic that should be taken seriously.

Studies have shown that people who actively use their phone throughout the day or keep their phone in their pocket have a greater chance of developing cancer than those who do not.  So far, there has not been any action taken towards developing technology which emits less radiation to try and reduce this problem and harmful risk. Therefore, until this act takes place, people should be caution and limit their use of electronic devices.

People who work in the trucking industry may find this to be a difficult because they can be on their phone continuously during their shift.  However, using good dispatch software can help decrease the amount of radiation that is emitted to your body. This can be possible because the software will help limit the time spent over the phone. With it, all the information that would be necessary to gather from the truck driver by calling them can simply be seen on your phone. It will allow you to see things like exactly where the truck is located and the time it will take to reach the desired location.

Since this information can be accessed in seconds on your mobile device there is no need call the truck driver. Therefore, it reduces the amount of time you spend on your phone. By using dispatch software the amount of radiation emitted can be reduced by more than half.

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