Color Me… um, Purple?

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Colorful fruit gummy

colorful fruit gum

There is such delight in seeing a rainbow.

Here on the west coast, I can’t imagine the effect they had on some of the original humans that walked through the big, ancient rain forests.

Last night, my son came to me showing me his ‘new’ bat.

“It has a big barrel, dad. Myles said I could buy it from him because he has a newer bat. I was hitting curve-balls and sliders from RJ with it. Totally nailing them. And look… it’s orange too!”

God bless the kid. We were so lucky because for all of his effervescent, energetic life of 12 years, he has loved orange – which meant I could always find him quickly in a crowd.

In contrast, his older brother complained to us one night that he could not sleep because of his pillow.

After I discussed pillow height, density, and the pillow’s place on the firmness/softness spectrum, he told us plaintively

“No, I CAN’T sleep on an orange pillow!”

Well, color me stupid!

There is big money in color. Especially in the fashion industry.

I mean there are big bucks if you hit the right color for the right season. I am sure fabric, fit, and pattern play a big role in it but, by gosh, if you have the color wrong, then you are in big trouble, buddy.

I know of a high-end business consultancy that consults to large, large corporations about colors.

I can just imagine the consultant coming into the boardroom, a group of white-haired board of directors waiting in anticipation, or fear, to hear the latest color for the year, or for the upcoming season.

But you have to be skeptical as to just what makes them an expert on color choices?

You have to wonder if there is some animal, or some fashionista – one that looks like the small woman scientist on the Incredibles that comes out like Punxsutawney Phil, or Wireton Willie does every Ground Hog day – and as the assembled throng waits breathlessly, she utters in her thick east-European accent,

De color eess: ‘Mustard Yellow’!”

And everyone takes off like those reporters in the 1920’s stock crash movies, heading to crank the phones to reach their editors, their managers, their owners.

You hear conversations across the series of pay phones,

“Mustard Yellow… yep… she said Mustard Yellow.”

“Mustard Yellow. No… no… no lie. She said Mustard Yellow.”

“You won’t believe it… Mustard Yellow… well stop the darn manufacturing line then!”

“Mustard Yellow – how the heck do I know? Get the procurement guy to find it!”

“Mustard Yellow – you should see if here are some old Century 21 jackets in a warehouse some place…”

My daughter is reading a book called ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker. It’s the book upon which Stephen Spielberg’s movie in 1984 was based. We have been having conversations about the book these past few nights. She is in second year of her English honors program. Last night as I made a point, she made me feel special by saying,

“That’s just the surface argument, dad, it goes way beyond that.”

I felt a very shallow light blue… almost translucent… and avoided diving into the deep blue of heavy thinking.

So much feeling and emotion is placed into the color spectrum of our lives.

Sometimes we are Yellow and Cowardly.

Sometime we are Red with Anger.

Other times we are Green with Envy.

And unfortunately, Blue and Depressed.

For many, pretty in Pink!

Worst of all, you could have a tragedy where a Blue ship and Red ship collide and everyone is Marooned! Sorry, more ‘Dad Humor’ as my kids call it…

And you can be Orange with… um with… nothing ‘Rhymes with Orange’.

There are a few colors that consume me day-to-day here at our transportation management software business.

We try to help our customers earn Green more easily, helping them get their operations into the Black by helping them organize and structure their businesses more effectively. We bring all the activity in the day-to-day operations, with their customers, and in the administration, with their Carriers and Drivers – and bring it all together so they can gain better insight into their business, to make better decisions.

Many of those who phone do so because they are frustrated and may have been Red with Anger having to work so hard in their business and not getting the outcomes that they want. Or they are finding it challenging being organized to manage the sometimes-competing demands of those for whom they ship the freight, and those who drive and deliver it.

And when that Customer Ship and that Carrier/Driver ship collide together and both are unhappy… well, our customer – those trucking and logistics company we help – can feel… well, they can feel Marooned, isolated, not knowing where to turn to next.

I like that we help them.

Now – to enjoy my multi-colored pack of gummies…

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